Backyard Bend Wedding

Kristan + Damien

Kristan has been a huge part of our life for awhile now, since she is Josh’s assistant. She’s an amazing person so I was thrilled when she announced she was getting married! And I was more than happy to be their photographer to capture all the joy of their family filled backyard wedding in Bend, Oregon.

Kristan and Damien wanted a simple wedding filled with intentionally powerful elements as they joined their lives together in this sacred union. If you’ve ever wondered how to fill your wedding with unique and meaningful pieces throughout your day then keep reading. Kristan thought through everything and focused only on the most meaningful things that would help them come together while surrounded by their loved ones.

“My bridal bouquet was created from a piece of wood my best friend (and maid of honor) found on a hike weeks before. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect handle.  I added flowers and a few crystals that held special value to me, along with a few owl feathers I had acquired many years ago.  Damien’s boutonniere received an owl feather as well so that he and I would be vibrationally attuned to the other. ” – Kristan

This is their sweet girl Phoenix who we adore! My little Noah can’t get enough of her. Had he not been sick, he would have loved to have been at the wedding to dance the night away with her.

“We created handfasting cords in colors that held value to each of us individually, and chose 2 charms for each cord; one that represented Damien (the Celtic lion head) and one that represented me (the Celtic heart), and a charm on each with a vow promise to the other.” – Kristan

“Dad walked me down the aisle to Connie playing the Crystal singing bowl I found years prior in preparation for Phoenix’s birth… it was perfect!  We had a variety of drums available throughout the ceremony as well, because I have a deep connection to the Native Indian way of life.  The drum reminds me of connection with the heartbeat of Mother Earth.  We also surrounded our ceremonial space and tables with obsidian stones and crystals to both ground our energies and expand our prayers and newly co-created dreams. ” – Kristan

Can you see the magic that Kristan created? I also have a connection to the Native American way of life since I’m part Native American. I love this part about her! It’s been so much fun to see how she incorporates Native Indian rituals into her life, and now her wedding.

They felt incredibly blessed to have Kristan’s soul sister, Connie, officiate their ceremony. Everything came together perfectly for their wedding day, including Connie. Damien trusted Kristan fully with the wedding planning and didn’t know until the day before the wedding that Connie would be the one officiating. It turned out that Connie has known Damien since he was a kid playing with her kids.

“We were so blessed to have 4 generations represented at our wedding, with the youngest at nearly 4 and the oldest at 92!” – Kristan

“Mom and I found my wedding dress just a few short weeks before our ceremony (talk about waiting until the last minutes!)  It was the perfect blend of simple-elegant-woodland fairy.  My mom had recently found these sweet little wooden butterfly buttons that called out to be on the dress somewhere…since butterflies represent transformation, I carefully sewed a few into the flowing folds.  It was a fun little surprise for us all when they peaked out now and again.” – Kristan

“We asked Connie to call in the four cardinal directions and ancestral energies to consecrate our space as sacred, and to invite the spirits of our many loved ones who had already crossed over.  In this, we also set up a space where we displayed photos of those loved ones, along with family who weren’t able to join us that day.” – Kristan

Kristan and Damien,

Thank you so much for being part of our lives! Josh and I feel so blessed to know you guys. We had so much fun celebrating with you and we both wish you all the love, joy and luck as you enter this journey together!

-Kelli + Josh

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