Winter Forest Engagement

Tawny + James

Tawny and James met 4 years ago over New Years break at Crater Lake, Oregon. They were both on vacation and had no idea that the start of the new year would the beginning of something amazing and life changing.

They fell in love in the winter wonderland of snow and pine trees, so they knew they wanted to capture that same feeling for their engagement session. I love when we can plan engagement sessions that are filled with meaning like this one. We really captured something priceless!

Tawny and James drove 3 hours to the forests at the base of Mount Bachelor in Bend, Oregon. They actually drove half way out the day of a big storm and had to turn around do to unsafe road conditions. No worry! We rescheduled for a couple weeks later! The second try was much better weather, but still a bit stormy. There was also a ton of fresh snow which made walking through the forest a bit tricky. We picked a few beautiful backdrops, stuck our feet into the snow and captured a ton of fun.

Tawny looked so beautiful. Despite the snow, both Tawny and James kept loving smiles on their faces and good attitudes inside. Tawny and James were beaming with love. I know that since we were able to capture their joy in freezing snowy weather that their wedding day is going to be even better. I can also tell that these two will be able to weather any storm together.

Tawny and James,

Thank you so much for traveling so far and putting up with the deep snow! I think we’ve captured something special for you guys and I hope you love your image as much as I do! You guys are a fun couple and I can’t wait for you wedding day!!


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