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Wedding Signs

I come from a sign making family. My grandfather started a sign business, hand painting wood signs, over 50 years ago. My dad took it over before I was born and still runs it (he’s really hoping me and my sister will take it over). Because of growing up at his sign shop, I do weird things like touch signs to see what they are made of. I also have a huge appreciation for weddings signs. 

I love how creative they can be in order to not only fit the theme of the wedding, but also give a sense of who the couple is. Signs can be used throughout the entire wedding to showcase so many different aspects of the day. 

A few of my favorites are the introduction sign as guests enter the ceremony space. I also love when kids carry signs down the aisle (as my son, Noah, will be doing for my sister’s wedding soon). That being said, I’ve seen signs used in so many different ways throughout my years as a wedding photographer. There are 10 main categories of signs that I will walk you through. I hope this gives you some inspiration on how to use signs during your wedding day!

Wedding Entrance Signs

Like I mentioned, these are my all time favorites. More attention is poured into these signs than any other because they are the signs that set the mood for your guests as soon as they arrive. When guests arrive at your wedding, the entrance sign assures them they have landed at the right wedding and tells them if it’s a rustic affair, a fun and casual wedding, an elegant evening or something else entirely. Think of these signs as an extension of your wedding invitation.

Wedding entrance signs come in all different shapes and sizes. The most common wedding entrance sign I’ve seen is the wood sign with hand painted custom lettering. Maybe I love them the most because they remind me of my grandfather. Most often, they are adorned with plants. 

Lindsey and Tyler chose to print a poster sign and attached it to wood. This allowed them to add graphics and make sure that the fonts matched their invitation, programs and was carried through the entire wedding.

Rather than hand painting this sign, Megan and Joshua chose to apply vinyl lettering. With the small text I think this was an excellent choice. 

Choose a Seat Not a Side

The “Choose a Seat Not a Side” sign as become increasingly more popular. Here are 4 creative ways that some of my recent brides have used this type of sign. It’s great when either the bride or groom have more people, if your seating is uneven (more seats on one side of the aisle) or if you just want to keep things casual.

Here Comes The Bride Signs

These signs tend to be carried by the cutest of the men at the wedding. It gives the non ring-bearer boy something to carry and a way to be part of the wedding without being a flower boy (although we did suggest this to Noah). Seriously cute stuff happening with these signs! 

Here are 3 examples of the Here Comes The Bride sign that I love!

Wedding Informational Signs

Wedding informational signs are necessary for your guests to feel comfortable and to know what is happening throughout your day. They are used throughout the wedding day to guide your guests seamlessly through spaces and events. 

Here a few ways you can use signs to provide information without taking away from your day.

  • Take One (blanket, fan, custom gift, treat)
  • Gift and Card Table Signs
  • Program Signs
  • Guestbook Sign In Sign
  • Reserved Signs at Tables (if you have open seating these will allow for family members to join the reception after family photos without missing out on the best seats)

Take One Signs

If you want your guests to do something, like take a blanket if they are cold, take a fan if they are warm or take a thing of bubbles to blow at you as you head back up the aisle after the ceremony, then a simple wedding sign can help make that happen. 

Gift and Card Table Signs

These help your guests know where they should leave the gifts.

Program Signs

This wedding program sign told the guests what to expect for the wedding as soon as they arrived.

Guestbook Sign In Sign

Reserved Signs at Tables

If you have open seating these will allow for family members to join the reception after family photos without missing out on the best seats.

Another one I think is worth mentioning is the explantation sign for a totally unique and super meaningful thing you are doing at your wedding. Katie and Tony added this candle sign to explain to their guests why the candle is burning. So sweet!

I can’t move on until I’ve mentioned the game signs. Wedding game signs customize your day and let guests know that you want them to play the game. I can’t help but love the custom wedding corn hole sets! 

Lastly in the wedding informational sign section, we have the directional signs. I’ve seen so many variations of these signs, including the last minute cardboard sign taped to a pole for a fancy wedding. Whoops! I think they realized on the wedding day their guests needed more guidance to the location. 

My best advice for the directional signs is to drive or walk into the each location (ceremony, reception, and anything else that applies). As you go, think about where the guests could get confused or where you want to make sure they know they are in the right spot. It can be as simple as this wood sign saying “WEDDING” with an arrow. These small signs tell guests where to go and that they have arrived at the right spot. 

Next, I would walk through your day like the guests will and add signs telling them where to go. This will take away any confusion for your guests and allow to them relax and have fun. 

Mr. & Mrs. Signs

Most brides know about the Mr. & Mrs. seating signs. The hang off the chairs or tables for the bride and groom. Here are a few examples to give you some creative ideas on how to customize these signs for your wedding.

Wedding Decor Signs

Of all the categories, this one will have the most variety and creativity. These are just a few of the signs I’ve seen at wedding receptions. I always favor the signs that truly represent who the couple is. I’ve added in a few of my all time favs here.

Kaylin and Robby come from a dentist background and loved clean teeth. With a BBQ wedding, they figured their guests could use some dental floss after the meal.

Bride and Groom initials are easy to place around the event space to customize the wedding.

This sign was made our of 3 bicycles representing the unity of dad, daughter and new mom. It was a bicycle themed wedding and perfectly customized the space for them.

Menu Signs

I’ll admit that I didn’t think of doing a menu sign for my wedding. I’m not sure this ever would have crossed my mind. However, I did just create one for my sisters upcoming bridal shower to tell people where the alcohol is 🙂

Here a few classic and rustic menu signs to show you how you can creatively use menu signs on your wedding day.

Cake Topper Signs

The cake topper sign had been around for awhile now. It’s an easy cake topper that adds a little height to your cake and something more then flowers. These tend to add a modern touch to a rustic day and a classic look to a modern day, depending on the lettering used. Here a few examples to give inspiration.

Custom Wedding Signs For Your Home

The custom wedding sign that will be hung in the home after the wedding is a really unique item that will last a lifetime. I didn’t think of doing this, although my dad has gifted us a few JORDAN signs since our wedding day. The Millers actually had 2 custom signs at their wedding. 

Another custom wedding sign is one that your guests can create for you. I’ve seen the custom signature sign at a few weddings. It’s a great rustic way to add some love into your home with messages from your guests. 

Thank You Signs

Lastly is the Thank You Sign. At the end of the day this a great sign to have and to hold for a photo. It makes a great image to print on custom wedding thank you cards for your guests.

I absolutely love these old wood cabinet doors that Morgan and Ethan are holding. It adds an extra rustic touch to their cowboy wedding. 

I hope these sign ideas help you get creative and come up with ideas that work for your wedding! I’d love to know what your favorite sign idea is. Leave me a note in the comments.


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