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Martinen Family

I always love when my clients want to take photos at a place meaningful to them. There is no where more meaningful and full of memories than the property you spend everyday on.

It was so much fun to have sweet little Collette show me around her land and take me on adventure. I love photographing kids at this age because everything is still magical!

Since my kids are past this oh-so-cute age, I try to capture all the photos I wish I had of me and my kids. Like swinging my kids around, throwing them in the air, holding their hands so tight and giving lots of snuggles! I captured all that and more for the Martinen Family and we even got a few great photos of their fur babies.

Thank you so much for letting me capture this special season in your life! I can’t wait to watch Collette grow and to be there to capture memories for your family. – Kellianne

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