Family Photograph, Drake Park, Bend

Werth Family

I met the Werth family down at Drake Park on a hot June summer day. I was a little concerned that everyone in Bend would be in the water floating the river behind us, but I made it work! You can hardly tell that the park was full and everyone in the photos was battling 100 degree weather and wind.

I love how the blue pops of the sand and green grass in these photos. They did such a great job keeping their look consistent, but still allowing each person to have their own style.

This little one is so cute!

This on above is one of my favs. Not only do I love sweet candids like this, but these boys actually asked if I would take a photo of them together by the water. It’s so sweet!!

Having just been married without any professional photos, we definitely made it a priority to capture the love between these two. And of course a ring shot!

Werth Family,

Thank you for allowing me to play at the park with your family to capture these memories for you!

-Kellianne Jordan

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