Black Butte Ranch Family Portraits

Berzins Family

I love when I can photograph a family every couple years and watch their little guys grow! How fun is it that they have all boys. Those guys probably have a blast together! Now that there is a new little one in the family, it was the perfect time to update the family images.

I met them at the home they rented in Black Butte Ranch, Oregon. I’m so thankful the big fire near by didn’t shut down the road or cause air pollution. Everything was great! I do love to be able to explore around with the little guys and keep them interested and smiling which was a little hard to do at this location. So instead, we shot super fast which made them happy.

It was a blast updating their photos and feeling like part of their family. I can’t wait to see how big all these kids get in 2 years when I see them again!

Berzins family,

You guys are truly a delight to photograph and I’m so excited to be here to watch your families grow together. I hope these images and the ones to come, tell the story of your family so you can hold tight to these memories forever. Thank you for letting me be part of your story.


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