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Carmel’s family is big, so getting together is a big event and one that should be documented. I happen to love family reunion photography sessions because I love when families gather together. 

My priority is always to get a great group photo, grandkids with grandparents and one of the grandkids. After that, I live getting little mini sessions with each family! And if I can get individuals of each kid, I will. 

One thing I appreciate is when my families care about their outfit choices. Carmel asked, “With such a large family, what do you suggest we wear? I was thinking jeans and white shirts, but I’d love your professional opinion.” – I love hearing this from clients! And of course I love giving my professional option. I even include a full guide of what to wear for your session to help, she just asked before receiving the guide 🙂

What do I normally say? Pastels, with one color as the main color and all others being neutrals. For a big group, my go-to color is blue, specifically baby blue, navy blue or a combination of them with grays, tans and whites as supporting colors. 

I think they did great with their final choices. It’s a perfect blend of colors that worked together to unify the group. 

Borella Family,

I love your photos! I hope you love them as much as I do!! I know we worked fast to keep the kiddos happy and smiling, but I know we got some amazing photos in our 45 minutes together. I hope they stop time and always remind you of these precious moments together.


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