Ojai Family Photography

Kuhn Family

Believe it or not, rivers and the forest vibe do exist not far from the SoCal beaches. This amazing little park is nestled in the foothills on the way up to Ojai, California. It made for the perfect family photography location for the Kuhn family.

With their 3 kids in tow, we adventured along the tiny river that flowed through the park. Filled with greenery and rocks to climb on, it was great for their littles. All the greenery helped their colorful outfits to pop too!

This 25 minute petite family photography session was just the right amount of time for these kids. Typically kids only last about 20 minutes and by the end, their youngest was just about done. This location gave us the right amount of different landscapes in a small area to be sure their family got a variety of images in a short amount of time.

Kuhn Family,

You guys were truly a delight to photograph. Your kids had so much energy and were such good listeners! I can’t wait to watch them grow!


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