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Lydia is an exceptional marriage and family therapist in the Conejo Valley in Southern California. She is so sweet and friendly- I can see why her clients appreciate her! She is finally getting a website up to expand her business and was looking for fresh professional headshots to give her website a complete look.

We met at my home near the beach in Ventura County for her session. She did such a great job bringing in props that match her brand colors. It makes such a difference! With a few quick outfit changes, we captured great headshots, her “at work” and some casual images to help her clients relate to her quickly.

I love the blue and pick color combinations. It’s elegant and casual, perfect for a therapist. The pillows and pink fuzzy through made the whole scene feel relaxed and cozy.

These new branding headshots will be seen on her website soon! I can’t wait!


You were so much fun to get to know. I can’t wait to get our kids together for a playdate! I know these photos will be perfect for your business as you enter this new chapter. I’m excited for you!


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