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Dr. Rajinder Rai

Dr. Rajinder Rai has committed her life to helping women and families find holistic ways to help them flourish. Her story is quite beautiful. After throwing herself into her career as a pharmasist, and having her daughter fall ill, she stopped to take a look at her life. Was she really leading a healthy life? Dealing with her emotional trama lead her to stop and find a new more meaningful direction to head in with her career.

Now Dr. Rai’s goal is to make functional medicine accessible to more women so they can get the help the need. She hopes to inspire more women ever year to take back control over their health and to find what works for them to keep themselves in check.

I will say that when my own health issues started, I was at a loss with traditional medicine. They were only treating my symptoms, and I say treating loosely since I had little to no relief. Western medicine has a stopping point to which it can help.

I now see a functional medicine doctor and functional neurologist in addition to my traditional medical team. The difference is that the functional medicine doctor can see the cause and begin to treat it- instead of treating the symptoms. While my health issues are lifetime ongoing issues, I feel so much more confident in the care I am receiving because we are looking at the underlying issues.

I feel so inspired by Dr. Rajinder Rai! She is on a mission that I fully believe in. If you are interested in getting the help that she offers, head to her website: https://www.thrivewithdrrai.com/

Her branding images reflect how she overcame her darkness and struggles: through the power of meditation, journaling and simply taking care of herself so she can take care of her daughter and others.

Dr. Rai,

Thank you for letting me into your world and allowing me to create these beautiful photos of you. I truly believe in your mission and can’t wait to photograph you again in the future to help you reach your goals. You are a delight to work!

-Kellianne Jordan

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