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Artemis a junior high student, actor and model. It was so much fun to do a quick headshot session for his school photos. Actors tend to be my favorite people to work with!


I love when parents call in saying that their young child is looking for acting and modeling headshots. The parents are taking it seriously which is rare and exciting. My mom took me seriously when she saw my passion for acting and I think that is why I LOVE taking pictures of young actors and actresses.

Lucy is only 5 years old and followed direction like a pro. Her entire session took only an hour and 20 minutes and we got 75 awesome headshots that she can use to start her acting and modeling career.

Her mom even asked if she was any good. Um, yeah. She has what it takes! I’m so excited to see what she does this year especially as pilot season fast approaches!


Logan and I met in downtown Bend, Oregon for his outdoor lifestyle headshot session. We were focused on capturing headshots that he could use in a variety of ways throughout his marketing campaigns. I couldn’t help but capture some more model like lifestyle portraits of him just hanging out around downtown too, even if they were just for fun!

It was about to pour on us when we starting the session so I shot fast in attempt to out run, or rather – out shoot, the rain. We kept smiles on our faces knowing we might get rained out at any moment. As soon as we met the end of our 40 minutes together, those rain drops started coming down.

In other words, it was perfectly time. Even though it dark and moody out, his photos came out great!


Thank you for having a great attitude. You were fun to work with! I hope these photos help in this new adventure you are on here in Bend.

– Kellianne

Kiona in the Studio

Isn’t she gorgeous? Kiona came by for a Basic Headshot Session in my studio last week. Which means we captured all these lovely images in just 20 minutes!

I love being able to show clients images during the session. It super helped out for this one. After only a few minutes I knew which side was her good side and together we picked the position we both thought looked best. From there, it was easy to make a few tweaks to get the perfect headshot for Kiona! It helped that she was relaxed and had fun.

Kiona, thanks for being willing to laugh and be a little silly during your session. You were so much fun to work with. Keep smiling! It’s infectious 🙂

Above is Kiona’s final retouched headshot. Here are few outtakes and proofs from her session that we didn’t use, but I love them anyway:




My fashionista friend, April, needed some updated lifestyle photos for her modeling portfolio so we headed to the new SoCo shopping area for modern and fun photos. I love all the great outfits she chose! Isn’t she simply beautiful?

Ryan Medina

My musician friend Ryan needed some updated portraits to use for his new album cover so he came over to my garage and we got these awesome portraits! I love how clean and candid they are. I really can’t wait to see them as cover art!


Lauren and I have been in a bible study together for the past fews years. As she’s been in school she has also baby sat our little Caleb. She’s really so awesome! When she needed new headshots to start a new career after graduation, I took her to to back bay in Newport Beach, California. Not only did we capture nature filled casual shots, but we also used the museum walls to give a bolder, business look. I just love these photos and I can’t wait to see where life takes Lauren!

Nick Daly

Simple headshots for actors can really make the actor shine, and isnʼt that exactly what you want? I love how Nickʼs headshots turned out! The white background really makes hime pop off the page. 

Chaz came to me asking to take some amazing headshots for his acting career. He wants to pop off the image and into TV and movies. We spent about an hour in the studio capturing headshots for this talented actor.

Justin reached out to me when he needed to get some headshots to start his
acting career. As someone who pursued an acting career for over 10 years I can tell you that I know how to shoot headshots, and they are so much fun. Iʼve had my headshots taken many times, but taking them for someone else is a first for me. It was so much fun to work with an actor and capture simple amazing headshots that will make him shine (and get booked).