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Off Road Wheel Chair

Meet the AdvenChair.

What an amazing wheelchair for off-roading adventures! There is no reason to be held back anymore! No longer do people need to miss out on adventures in this beautiful area we live in. This chair is the solution. It’s easy to use and opens up new opportunities like never before.

I got see first hand how this chair works during a family photography session. We took it off roading for photos. We couldn’t have gone to these beautiful places without it!

You can read the fully story behind the AdvenChair here: https://www.advenchair.com/

iSanctuary is a non-profit organization that sells beautiful handmade jewelry made by survivors of human trafficking. To see more of their collections and to make a purchase with a purpose go to www.isanctuary.org.


Product photos are a must when selling online. These simple images are perfect for their sales. Personally I love the added dimension with reflections I created. 


Commercial photography is a team sport and I wouldnʼt have it any other way! It was such a blast to work with this amazing crew on such a fun project. The goal: to create stunning images for their new advertising campaign comparing old camping with RV camping of today. We traveled all over Social to have the perfect locations for both shoots. My favorite was trying to showcase camping in the 1920s. The 1920ʼs are my all time favorite era (Iʼm kinda obsessed), so when it was time for this session, I was all in! I even helped wrap the surf board in wood vinyl. (Iʼve got mad vinyl skills having worked at my dads sign shop since I was little.) Seriously, if I could photograph period shoots like this every day I think I would be in paradise! 

1920s VS Today!


I was lucky enough to be able to work with New Freedom Jewelry and to offer them my photography services to help create this ad for them. Their story was featured in Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine with the ad to raise awareness of what the foundation does.

Here is a little bit about them…

New Freedom Jewelry is handmade by Nepalese women who were former sex slaves, once part of the estimated one million women and children worldwide that are forced into prostitution every year. It’s a dirty little secret, but thousands of Nepalese girls, some as young as eight, are sold by their parents, relatives, or even members of their villages due to the extreme poverty of their nation. Other girls are lured into the sex trade, and ultimately into slavery, with promises of good jobs, marriages, or education. Unfortunately, those few who do escape and return to Nepal face nearly insurmountable odds. Many have contracted HIV, Aids, or other STDS. Many have recurrent health problems from poorly performed abortions or complicated pregnancies, from prolonged malnutrition, chronic tuberculosis, or post traumatic stress syndrome and depression. But perhaps worst of all, most are rejected by their own families and ostracized by their communities.

Purchasing New Freedom Jewelry will make you feel as good on the inside as it makes you look on the outside.  The proceeds from the sale of this jewelry, that’s right 100% of the profit, is used to provide much needed medical care, clothing, food, education and job training, and safe places to begin healing abused bodies and broken hearts.  But perhaps even more importantly, New Freedom Jewelry can stop the sex trade right where it starts.  Its proceeds will enable us to purchase safe houses for the lost children of Nepal.  At these homes, children will receive loving care, food, clothing, medicine, and education, which is the real key to a brighter future.

It really is a fantastic organization. Please purchase jewelry from them to support the organization.

Josh and his friends are huge cyclists. Iʼve done my best to get into cycling, but I just canʼt ride a bike! I know, I should be able to, but I just canʼt do it. Joshʼs friend Troy just launched a new product line of much needed chamois cream called Friction Freedom. Josh says itʼs amazing! Itʼs so much fun to be able to use my photography gifts to help launch my friends products!

HKS Architects has an amazing photographer on staff, but when they needed to show off their new showroom they asked me to come by and take a few photos. Itʼs clean and modern, just like HKS.

Okay, to be totally honest, Iʼm not sure what this product is. I usually love to understand different products so I can really photograph them in a way that show what the product is and how itʼs being used so the images really draw people in and make them want to buy the product. This time, I was just handed the product and asked to photograph it. While I didnʼt (and still donʼt) have much info on the product, I did have a lot of fun creatively photographing it. I think some of these could be hung up as wall art!

I did a product shoot today for Bodwell, a dietary supplement company. I tried a bunch of different combinations so they have plenty of choices for their different marketing campaigns. What do you think??

Peteʼs Pizza is the amazing little pizza place on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, CA. When they decided to update their menus with photos of their delicious food they asked me to be their photographer. And it wouldnʼt be complete without a photo of their dog eating a slice of pizza. I think they ended up hanging an image of the pup on the wall of their shop.

Have you ever wondered how they get the little caps on the whipped cream cans? Greg Gerstung is the guy that creates the machines that puts those caps on (the machines do other tech things too). I always find it so interesting to see how things are made so this product shoot was extra fun for me.

If you know me, you know Iʼm not a huge motorcycle fan, but my dad is. Iʼve been around this crowd my whole life. So, when I was approached by a woman motorcyclist who needed fashion images for her new line of clothing, I just couldnʼt resist saying yes! Mojo Rider is a new line of clothing and products made just for the tough, but girly, female motorcyclist. Her clothes are comfy, sexy and bedazzled in all the right places. Check out the fashion session we did and the new line…