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Maternity Photography

Tumalo State Park, Oregon

The Guiney Family

I had the pleasure of photographing the Guiney family over the summer when they had just found out they were expecting. So you can imagine my excitement to photograph their maternity/family photography session a few months later!

Kevin contacted me before Christmas asking for a gift card that he could give to his wife, Rebekah, as a very special Christmas gift. It was so much fun to take my normal gift card and add a little holiday touch. Check it out here: https://kelliannejordan.com/2019/11/24/new-gift-cards/

For their maternity session they chose to go to Tumalo State Park where they have enjoyed family dates together. It’s a special place in their hearts which made it perfect for their portrait session!

I always suggest taking photos at a place that is meaningful to you. When you hang your prints on your walls, it’s so amazing to see the scenery that brings back all the memories you’ve enjoyed at that special place. I can only hope that looking at these pictures brings back all the family memories that they have created over the last few years.

When it finally came time for their session, it started snowing. And not the pretty snow that is beautiful for photos, but that slick rain/snow stuff that isn’t pretty and just ruins your hair. So we made a plan to reschedule and it totally worked out. Just a few days later is was sunny and 60 degrees out which gave us this Spring look that completely matched Rebekah’s floral dress.

I just love the sunny glow that created the dreamy look. While we focused on the maternity portraits, I also wanted to make sure we captured all the family photos they were looking for too. In just 45 minutes we stopped time and gave them plenty of joyous and fun memories of this special time in their lives!

To the Guiney Family,

You guys are so much fun to photograph. Thank you so much trusting me with these memories. I can’t wait to meet your little one!


Higgins – Bend, Oregon

If you’ve been following me then you may recognize Stephanie from a commercial photography shoot last Spring where she played Caleb’s mom. It may seem weird to have someone else play your kid’s mom in a photoshoot, but it wasn’t weird for me at all. I think it helps that I adore Stephanie!

When Stephanie called asking for info on maternity sessions, I was thrilled! I really am so excited for her and husband to start a new adventure and with twins!! Seriously, so excited!

The main thing they wanted out of the session was to not only have beautiful photos of the two of them and of Stephanie, but also of the gender reveal. These photos are to be the gender announcement to all their friends and family! And with everyone totally online these days as we quarantine together, there really could be no better way to announce the gender of their sweet little babies.

I will say that I’m so happy we were able to take these photos. It was the first session with true social distancing in place and was actually a bit easier than I thought it would be. Typically I stand 6-30 feet away from my clients in order to use longer lenses and get more of that amazing compression and bokeh. Social distancing during a photography session simply meant that I needed to use my words more, rather than moving hands and touching my clients to let them know how to pose. It also meant that I couldn’t help carry their props or pick them up for them. I did feel a little helpless at the session, but for good reason – I needed to keep my couple (and babies) safe, just in case.

Social distancing really didn’t dampen the mood or change much and we were able to keep that minimum 6 feet apart the whole time while having fun and capturing these beautiful winter maternity portraits! I’m really so glad we didn’t cancel. Even in 20 degree weather we pushed through and spent 40 minutes quickly capturing 100 perfect images.

Don’t let the coronavirus ruin your life. You can still have joy and find beauty in the world. You can still celebrate gender reveals. Just look at this amazing couple!

To Stephanie and Will,

Thank you for trusting me to capture these beautiful memories for you! And thank you for coming out in 20 degree freezing winter weather. I hope you guys can cherish these photos for years!!


McCormick Family

Ashley and Alex married last year at their family ranch near Bend, Oregon. Now they are expecting their first child and I could not be more happy for them!

At 6 months pregnant, Ashley and Alex flew back into town from the east coast to visit family and figured this would be the perfect time to capture some epic maternity photos. I couldn’t agree more! October is the prettiest month in Bend. We have perfect sunrises and sunsets and it’s not too cold or too hot.

Just after sunrise Josh and I met Ashley and Alex (and baby) at Sparks Lake… and the magic happened. The lake was perfectly still, the clouds were just barely there, and my couple was having fun!

I truly love these photos! They are just so happy together! Ashley was glowing the whole morning and Alex looked happier than on his wedding day. I can really see the love that these two have for each other. I know their love will grow deeper each year of their marriage as their family expands.

Ashley and Alex,

You guys are going to be the best parents! I’m so excited for all the new adventures in your life. I know I wish you all the very best!! Thank you for letting me capture these gorgeous photos for you.


Mrs. Hable

Caleb’s super adorable kindergarten teacher is having a baby! She’s such an amazing teacher so I just had to gift a maternity session to celebrate this season. I loved meeting her loving husband! We actually met at one of my favorite spots for photography, the field just behind Mrs. Hable’s classroom. It was beautiful! I love maternity sessions because mom is always glowing but more importantly, these are the last few moments of them as a couple. I think I really captured this beautiful time and I’m so happy we added their fur babies into the photos too!

Maria + Jason

Maria and Jason are two of the most loving and creative people I know. Maria’s love for people shines through her personality and her beautiful photography. Jason is an incredible artist. Seriously, his art is amazing! You can see it here: http://www.waldron3d.com/ . Maria and Jason were two of the first people we met when moved to Bend and Josh and I both adore them. They have been through many joys of finding out they are expecting and struggled through the loss of multiple babies. Since we’ve known them they have lost two precious babies. Though it all they have held their heads high knowing that God loves them and has a plan for them. With each baby they have been filled with joy and with baby Haven Brielle God will finally deliver a lifetime of joy to them. I love her name. Haven means: the serene place of safety in heaven and Brielle means: God is my strength.

I feel so blessed to be able to capture this memorable time for them. I can’t wait to meet this loved little baby girl. I’m so happy for this growing family!!


Devert Family

This Bend family loves the woods and knew that a pine tree filled forest would be the perfect place for enchanting family photography. This session doubled as a maternity session for Miranda too! Of course I wanted to capture some beautiful portraits of the Desert family, but my main goal was to capture candid moments of the family together. These last few days of them together with only one kid are precious and I wanted to highlight the relationship between little Gracie and her parents. These winter family photos and maternity photos are so precious!


Amy Maternity-01Amy Maternity-02Amy Maternity-03Amy Maternity-04Amy Maternity-05Amy Maternity-07Amy Maternity-08Amy Maternity-09Amy Maternity-10Amy Maternity-11

I’m so glad I met this family! Not only did I get to photograph Amy’s brother’s wedding less than a month ago at their beautiful house, but we also got to use the land for this awesome backyard maternity session. I love seeing the mountains in the background. Bend, Oregon is an amazing place to raise a family and this couple will have amazing photos of their new baby to love forever.

Mom, son and baby…

I went on a walk by my house in Bend, Oregon and saw this awesome tiny field with 6 foot tall green grass. I instantly thought of how beautiful the green grass would look against my redheaded friend, Kiffany. Kiffany and I set out with all our boys for a mini mother and son (or sons) maternity session. Luckily my two kids fell asleep so I had a chance to focus on Kiffany and Leo as they played in the field together. Kiffany looks so beautiful! I can’t wait to meet baby Ari!

Kiffany Maternity-001Kiffany Maternity-002Kiffany Maternity-003Kiffany Maternity-004


As Amara and Dusty approach the arrival of their baby, they continue to focus on being who they are and not changing too much just because they are becoming parents. With that in mind, Amara suggested they have a maternity session with roller skates! Believe me, I suggested that it probably wasn’t safe, but she assured me that they roller skate competitively and that it would be completely safe. So, I said, “Let’s do it”! We met at my favorite field which also has a road going throughout and is dog friendly. The location was perfect for them. We were able to capture classic maternity photos of Amara as well as them as a couple. We also got some really fun photos of them on roller skates and of their dog! Who would have thought that rollerskating maternity photos would be a thing? I totally love this session. It makes me so happy to see these fun photos!

Thank you to John Gross for taking photos of my family and to my husband Josh for taking the other maternity photos of me. I can’t wait to have this little guy!


Alice and I are only a couple days apart on due dates so we decided to do quick maternity sessions of each other in a random little field on the side of the road behind our house. It was so much fun! I took photos of Alice and John and then handed over the camera so John could take photos of us. We had a great time and got some beautiful photos!


Taryn looks so beautiful in these photos! The lace maternity dress really shows off her amazing pregnancy curves. I love how these photos came out and I so excited for her little girl to join us soon!