Rollerskating Maternity Photography


As Amara and Dusty approach the arrival of their baby, they continue to focus on being who they are and not changing too much just because they are becoming parents. With that in mind, Amara suggested they have a maternity session with roller skates! Believe me, I suggested that it probably wasn’t safe, but she assured me that they roller skate competitively and that it would be completely safe. So, I said, “Let’s do it”! We met at my favorite field which also has a road going throughout and is dog friendly. The location was perfect for them. We were able to capture classic maternity photos of Amara as well as them as a couple. We also got some really fun photos of them on roller skates and of their dog! Who would have thought that rollerskating maternity photos would be a thing? I totally love this session. It makes me so happy to see these fun photos!

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