Tropical Laguna Beach, CA Wedding

Tami + Ben

Tami and Ben fell in love with my photography style and knew I would be the perfect fit as their photographer when they found out that I love USC. Half my family went to college there (the other half went to UCLA – true story). While you wouldn’t think that my passion for USC would matter to an Orange County couple having a tropical themed wedding, it did. Tami grandfather went to USC and had a huge passion for the school and their sports teams. He passed away before the wedding so Tami hired the USC marching band to play at their reception to honor her grandfather. It was beautiful! 

This entire Laguna Beach, California wedding, hosted on the California shores, was filled with fun tropical details from start to finish. With Leies in the ceremony, Mai Tai’s as the drink of the night and so many more amazing details, this wedding was truly a hit for all of us. I really felt at home (my mom’s home) at this wedding. My mom is USC meets Hawaii. This was truly one of the most memorable weddings I will ever photograph, and to think that they did this on a tight budget. I hope all my brides out there see how meaningful, fun and gorgeous a budget wedding can be if you really put your heart into like Tami and Ben did. I know they are going to live a beautiful life together! 

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