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Amanda is new in town and just a started a new job with Monte Vista Homes! She loves her team and is excited to be in Redmond.

I always love to show a few extra headshots that didn’t get retouched. We captured so many great images in just 20 minutes in this Basic Headshot Session. The main photo at the top was her final choice. I think any of them would have been great, but she sure looks professional, trustworthy and approachable which is why it’s the best option for her!

Studio Headshot Photography

Julie looks stunning! She would be the best boss to work for. I wish her the very best as she steps into her new role at her dad’s company.

I love all the great images we got in this Basic Headshot Session – only 20 minutes! So many great looks! Here are just a few of my favs plus the fully retouched image above.


Thanks for coming in to the studio, laughing with me and brighting my day!


I love Carissa’s new headshot! The one above is her fully retouched amazingly gorgeous new look.

She was so much fun to work with! Carissa came in with a beautiful smile on her face, ready to step in front of the camera. She said she had some nerves and always feels awkward having her photo taken, but I think she looks so relaxed and professional.

The green sweater she chose fit her perfectly and made her skin glow and eyes pop. I knew when she came into the studio that her photos were going to look great.

Below we have a few raw images (not retouched). I love sharing extra images from the session. We captured these and so many more in just 20 minutes. We may not have chosen these beaming smile portraits for her final image, but I couldn’t resist showing off her beauty.

So let’s talk retouching… a lot of people think retouching is all about air-brushing in that strange way that makes people look fake. For me, I like to change things that will make people look more like the do in real life to show off the beauty that we all see. For Carissa, that meant getting rid of wrinkles in her clothing and fixing the hair. I usually smooth skin tone too, but she actually didn’t need much since her skin is so creamy. I did take down the shine just a touch. The main thing was fixing her hair. The backlight I use gets rid of a lot of fly aways, but can also thin hair down. To counteract that effect, I thickened her hair, darkened it, and made it look like more like she stepped out of the salon.

Carissa, I love this new headshot! I hope you had as much fun as I did in the studio with you. Welcome to Bend!


Have you wondered what your headshot would look like in black and white? Katie had specific needs for a black and white image so I created one for her.

You can always take your image into a program like iPhoto to turn it into black and white, but here’s what happens when you do:

iPhoto Version: 

When I change the image to black and white, I make sure that it still represents you. I take time to brighten the skin tone and adjust the levels to make you look amazing. Best of all, by doing this your image will pop more when printed!

I photographed our insurance guy, Fabian Clark, outside a couple years ago and recently had a chance to update his look. He’s awesome at his job! If you ever need insurance, give him a call!

Bend Oregon Real Estate Agent, Joanna Bell.

I love that she chose such a diverse selection of images to use throughout her marketing campaigns.

All of us suffer from self criticism. If you don’t then please share with all of us the secret. I know for me, when I look at myself in the mirror, I can see that half my face is smaller than the other half. I know that other people cannot see it, but I can. So when I step in front of the camera I am very aware of my face and what angle would be best to minimize my deformation :). I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Whether you feel your nose is too big, your forehead protrudes or your smile is too gummy, that’s okay. We are who we are. But should those features be what stands out the most in our headshots?

If you are an actor, then maybe. These could be the beautiful character flaws that make you stand out and book more jobs. For the rest of us, we probably want to look our best and minimize the aspects of our face that make us a feel a tad insecure.

This is why you need a professional taking your photos. As a professional headshot photographer, I know how to adjust your face in little ways to show off your natural beauty. During your session we look at the photos and talk about the changes that you would like to see. Then we take more photos. We do this process until we get it right. You end up leaving the studio with amazing headshots that you have already approved.

What happens when you have an incredible headshot? You feel beautiful. When you look at an image of yourself that doesn’t show any of those flaws that make you insecure, you suddenly become a lot more confident. And you know what happens next? Confident people book more jobs! So come on in and boost your confidence.

Once upon a time someone decided that headshots should be vertical. In this day and age, a headshot is most often used for social media and on a website. While most websites don’t care of your image is vertical, horizontal or square, social media platforms do care. In fact, most profile images are square, while those that are not square are horizontal.

If you want to use your headshot for just about any type of online banner or display network ad then you need it to be horizontal. Google Adsense says that wide ads are more likely to perform better than skyscraper ads. So why would you want your headshot to be taken vertical? A vertical headshot will limit what you can use it for.

Here’s a quick look at what this means:

Here is your headshot:

Square crop (Face Book, Linked In, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest):

Rectangular crop (Yelp and You Tube):

Rectangular crop for most popular Google display network ads:

Medium Rectangle:

Large Mobile Banner:

Half Page:

These aren’t the most creative ads, but can you see that even on a half page vertical ad, the horizontal image works great?

My headshots are shot and provided to you in wide format so you can use them for exactly what you need them for: marketing your company across current platforms. A horizontal image is the only way to go for your new headshot.

Stop the headaches of resizing and cropping!

Here are the new social media photo sizes for 2017.

I love social media. I especially love when they change the size requirements of the photos each year (note the sarcasm). It can be super frustrating to have an amazing photo that you want to show off and then not be able to because you can’t get it to upload properly or crop correctly. You are not alone in this frustration. The best way to deal with this issue is to resize and crop the image before you upload.

This helps in so many ways. First off, you get the look you want. Second, if you have photoshop, you can always add more background by stretching part of the image to create the crop you want. Third, there won’t be any compression issues and your image will load quickly. (When you upload a high resolution image it takes forever to load and then the computer with compress it to fit the area it is being posted in. This can create strange artifacts in the image.) The best thing to do when updating your social media images is to upload the correct size from the start.

Here are the updated sizes for 2017:


Profile: 180 x 180

Cover Photo FB: 820wide x 321 on computer and 640wide x 360 on phone/loads fastest as 8521wide x 315

Linked In:

Profile: min 400 x 400

Background Photo: min 1000 x 425 to 20,000 x 20,0000

Cover Photo: 974 x 330

Yelp: 533 x 400


Channel Cover Photos 2560 x 1440


Profile: 110 x 110

Photo Size: 1080 x 1080


Profile: 400 x 400

Header Photo: 1500 x 500


Profile: 165 x 165

Pin sizes: 238 wide

Board images: 222 x 150

Google Plus:

Profile: 250 x 250

Cover Image: 1080 x 608

When you book your headshot session with me, I provide a Social Media Package with each retouched high resolution headshot. This means that I take care of resizing and cropping to make sure you look amazing all over the place. It also saves you some serious time and headaches. When you get your photos back, you can start using them right away. All you need to do is get those photos uploaded.

In the Social Media Package, your headshot will be resized for: Face Book profile photo, Linked In profile photo, Yelp, Google Plus profile & YouTube Profile. You may request two additional sizes as well. Should the platforms change their sizes again (and they will), my clients can come back and request an updated Social Media Package for their headshot at discounted rate. This will keep you looking professional all year long without any headaches.


Headshots! Headshots! Headshots! Itʼs all about getting that great headshot so you can get the perfect job. Chris is ready to go with these new headshots!! 

Team Lobel is looking good! I just finished their headshots at their office and they look amazing!

Deanna didnʼt just come to me for professional headshots. When she planned her session, she told me she needed to get a few images that she could use on an online dating site! I love it! I actually get asked to take a few casual images for dating sites all the time and I think itʼs a great use of the end of the session. Deanna is ready to get out there now!

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