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Shevlin Park

Megan and Garrett have been in love since high school! Now they have two beautiful little ones – a perfect family. I met them at Shevlin Park during golden hour for a quick family session. It was insanely beautiful that night, I mean, look at this setting! Amazing!

We had so much fun checking out the area together. Shevlin Park is one of my favorite places to photograph families for a lot of reasons. One is that when I photograph kids and we can keep moving and exploring, they tend to not get as bored. That was exactly the case for these two. They were so excited to end at the pond that I stayed and got a few fun candids of the kiddos at the end!

This session is full of beautiful family portraits, fun candid moments and so much love. I can’t believe this is less than half of their photos!

Megan and Garrett,

Thank you so much for having great attitudes, smiling and having fun. It was so amazing to get to know you guys. Your kids are seriously cute! I know you are going to cherish these memories forever.


Ellis Family

Kerri Ellis is the head teacher at the preschool that we just love! Noah has so many amazing friends and it is such a great community. I was so happy to capture these precious family moments when Kerri hosted her entire family for a week over the summer. I got a ton of great family portraits of the whole family together as well as each family individually. We had a ton of fun and I was able to get some great candid family moments of them all together too. As soon as the session was over the kids jumped into the river. I had to stick around and capture those oh so special summer moments of all the cousins having classic summer fun in the river. These are such amazing memories for their whole family. Shevlin Park is a greta place for family photos, especially in the summer when it’s full of green. Family reunion photography is the best way to remember family reunions!

Herriott Family

Alycia loves being outside with her family so when it came to their family photos she asked if they could be outside near water. Water is always tough in the fall because the river’s stop rushing and most roads to the lakes are closed. Even the stream at Shevlin Park can be hard to photograph at when it isn’t surrounded by greenery. Luckily I knew of this tiny little beach at Shevlin Park that I knew would be perfect for those fall water photos. (Don’t worry, in their final prints the road bridge will be edited out). I think this was the perfect setting for these first few photos.

Their two little girls have big personalities which I think is always fun! Not only do I want to show off those personalities, but I also have to find a way to calm them down for the family portraits that mom wants. Alycia and Andy let me deal with the girls for the majority of the time and did a great job smiling through the chaos.

The real challenge came when it was time for sibling photos. Every mom wants a photo of the kiddos together so I was determined to get it. Unfortunately their littlest was determined to explore and not sit with her big sis. In the 2 minutes we able to get her to sit, we captured some fun photos of them.

Shevlin Park is always a favorite place for photographers. Right across from the beach is a grove of Aspen trees, a trail to the pond and a small fishing pond surrounded by beauty. Yes, we did take advantage of all the sweet little spots for photos.

Normally I only shoot for 45 minutes with little ones, but because of all the fun locations at Shelvin Park, we kept on shooting for the full hour. I’m so impressed that the girls kept on smiling. We only had one short break down the whole shoot. Good job ladies! (and mom and dad)

To the Herriott Family,

You guys are always a joy to photograph. I love these photos of your family and the joy that capture. I hope you guys will be able to look back at these photos for years to come and hold on to this precious time. Thank you for letting me capture these for you!


Kiffany + Justin + 3

Kiffany’s family is always fun to capture with my camera. Her sweet little ones have been in front of my lens for years and I never get tired of photographing them! The boys have turned into amazing models!! I love the colors they chose for their outfits (aren’t baby girl Isla’s shoes so cute!). It was super tough to get their tiny 8 month old girl to be happy in the freezing fall weather, but we definitely got some sweet moments with her and mom. I can’t wait to see these family memories up on their wall!!

Lucas Family

Shevlin Park is one of my favorite places to photograph families. There are so many options right at the parking lot, which makes it super easy to get a ton of variety in a short amount of time. For the Lucas family, with little 5 year old Keagan, I wanted to make sure we didn’t tire him out by running all around to take photos. Instead, we chose Shevlin Park and we easily got a ton of beautiful photos for their family. My favorite part of their session was focusing on the sweet relationship between brother and sister. Are they not the cutest? their photos were perfect for their holiday card this year and their 20×30 wood print looks amazing hanging in their living room!

Lundeen Family

The Lundeen family came to Central Oregon to celebrate 20 years of marriage! Being a photographer herself, Denise went on a search for a professional photographer she knew she could trust. I always feel so honored when photographers love working with me and are super excited to get their amazing photos back. It was no different for Denise. Not only did we make their session super fun and easy (even with two tweens), but she LOVED her photos! Anniversary sessions are so much fun. I can’t wait for our own 10 year anniversary session this year!

Goffier Family

This may have been one of my favorite family session from the Young Life mini family session fundraiser this year! Not only did the whole family dress beautifully in fall themed clothing, but they added in extra special props for Thanksgiving themed family photos. These kids are seriously adorable! I love everything about this 15 minute mini family session!

Grant’s Family

Grant and his family loved the idea of doing a mini session during the Young Life fundraiser this year. Not only did he mean a short family session, but he also had a chance to donate extra money to the organization he loves! I had so much fun playing with this family and capturing a ton of fun very Oregon family photos. I love all the plaid!

Baker Family

I met the Baker family at Shevlin Park in Bend, Oregon for the fall family photography session. We had a great time playing in the Aspen trees and along the river! I love who golden their outfits are. They are so filled with the holiday spirit. My favorite moments are always those in between candid photos that show their real personalities. We had a ton of those for the Baker family mixed with the traditional family photos. We even added in the dog for some of the portraits! My favorite image of this session was by far mom hugging her sweet little girls. Maybe it’s the mom in me that just adores this photo or maybe it’s the love that is coming through the image. I also adore the photos of the girls playing in the river together! 

Kiffany and Justin

Four months after their family newborn session, I joined Kiffany, Justin and their boys at Shevlin Park in Bend, Oregon. Over the summer this amazing park was covered in green, now, as fall takes over, it’s a gorgeous in a whole new way.  We had so much fun playing in the woods and letting the boys play together too. Leo had so much energy it was really a blast! I love these photos so much!

Gross Family

John and Alice really wanted to focus their mini session on capturing a beautiful family portrait. I couldn’t help but to add in a few simple candids, but we did keep the focus on the portraits. In just 15 minutes, I captured many beautiful options of their family for their holiday card. I know they are going to love these!

Baby Ari

Outdoor family newborn photos are some of my all time favorites! I love being able to capture the whole family together while highlighting the interactions between the family members. This session was just that. I wanted to focus not just on the family and newborn photos of baby Ari, but also on their oldest son Leo. I wanted him to know that he is special too! It’s always an adventure to photograph young kids and often they run the show. This session was definitely proof of that! Leo did what he wanted and we went with it, played off it and made sure he was happy. The result of this, and of Justin and Kiffany being super patient with their kids) made for some amazing newborn family session! I just these family photos at Shevlin Park in Bend, Oregon!

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