Dorris Ranch Portraits

Diana + John

I met Diana and John out at Dorris Ranch in Eugene for a few photos of just the two of them. They mentioned that they had had a rough year and this photo session was a little something special for them to remember how much they love each other though good times and bad.

Sometimes as a photographer, I don’t get to see how much my photography can touch people. In this case, I know that they will look at these photos and forget all the hard times in life. They can focus on how much they love each other and grateful they are to have each other. I know this because we too had a hard year last year and I look at our fun family photos and think of how much I appreciate the hard times and even more, the good times.

John is so goofy and fun! I think that comes through in some of the photos 🙂 We walked through the Filbert trees and Oak trees laughing and just having fun. I absolutely adore these photos and I’m so glad that met me out in Eugene for this session!

John and Diana, I hope you two can forever treasure these memories!

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