Family Time

1st Soccer Game

I’ve officially entered soccer mom territory. I’ve got the van and everything! I could not be more proud of Caleb. He hasn’t really given his all at practices so I was a little worried he may not have fun come game time. I was wrong.

Our team got out there on the field ready to play with smiles on their sweet little faces. Then they announced it was time for kick-off and Caleb yells, “What’s kick-off?”. Okay, so maybe he wasn’t quite as prepared as he could have been. But, they started the game and within 30 seconds Caleb had scored the 1st goal for his team! Mommy happy dance over here!! The happy dance was because I actually saw it happen. Too often I’m behind the lens and this time I watched him get the goal with my own two eyes and grabbed a photo (it’s the one on the right above).

Despite them loosing to the best team out there, they all had fun and are just so excited to be out there as a team. I can’t wait to witness more amazing soccer games and see my kid stick his to tongue out in serious concentration! 🙂

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