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Ivers Family

Beth’s parents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary!! So huge!! I seriously feel super blessed to be able to capture these perfect moments in life for others. 50 years is amazing. We had to capture the happy couple with their family! Shelvin Park in Bend, Oregon was the perfect green summer backdrop. The Aspens were in full bloom and so pretty!

One thing I love about family reunion sessions is that we have plenty of time to get group photos, couples photos and individual family photos. For this session, Beth brought along her two fur babies which I loved photographing! It’s so fun to have them in the session too! I also got a ton of her sweet niece who has just been added to the family.

What was really fun was that Beth’s mom was a photographer awhile back. I asked her how I was doing and she said I was doing great, impressed with how I move through each image and keep the session fun. All in all, it was a perfect day and a great shoot!

Beth and Family,

Thank you for letting me capture these memories of you all together! It’s a special time to celebrate and I’m grateful you chose me to be there for it. I know you’ll cherish these images!


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