Backyard Family Photography

Bear Family

This is the only time the whole family has been together. When that happens, you have to get photos!! I met the Bear family in the backyard of their summer Bend, Oregon home to capture the group, couple’s photos and photos of the two sisters. I just hope my sister and I are still this close when we are their age.

I love the canal in the background and all the pups running around our feet. The chaos was perfect. We even manage to get a group photo with all the people and dog!

Bear family,

I hope these photos came out just as you imagined. You guys were a delight to get to know and photograph. Thank you for laughing and having fun with me!


They really love their fur babies!!

We had to get a photo of the bear in the photo at the home of the BEARS!

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  1. Ginny Bear says:

    This photo shoot achieved all of our objectives. The house on the canal and the time of day were totally taken advantage of by Kellianne, and now we have photos to treasure.

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