Shelvin Park, Summer Family Photography

Barsana Family

Carolyn loves the Central Oregon nature and wanted to capture it in this years family photos. I suggested Shelvin Park because it was close to where they were staying and it provided plenty of shade during the hot summer days. It was perfect! We spent most of the session capturing amazing photos of the three of them and ended with a few special photos.

What I love about full sessions is that we have more time to play, capture candids and get those special requests. Carolyn’s parents were with them and she asked if they could have a few with the grandchildren. They also wanted a few a the two cousins together. Yes!!

We captured so many perfect moments for them to remember this time together with the little kids. By the end, the cousins were having so much fun running around in the forest that I had to keep shootin!

Carolyn and family,

I hope you love these as much as I do. I think we really captured the spirit of your daughter! It was such a pleasure to photograph you and your family. I can’t wait to stay in touch and capture those must haves of your grandparents that we spoke about.


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