How to know when your website is due for an upgrade…

I spent years with a website that did not represent me as an artist. It did not look great and I knew it was turning away clients. That’s when I decided the best thing for my photography biz would be to design a custom website that actually felt like me. 

The one metric that lead to my decision making was watching my Google analytics. I was getting traffic to my site, they just were not staying, looking at other pages or clicking on buttons. If you are familiar with website conversion- not taking action is a very bad thing. 

How to know when your website is due for an upgrade...

I knew that a fresh new design would change everything. And I was right. 

I used my understanding of how my clients buy, how to build landing pages and websites that sell, combined with an easy to use and completely custom website builder to double my bookings almost over night. 

Why did this work? Because my website finally spoke to my ideal clients through design, flow, and proper copy. 

So let’s take some action together!

Website audit! It’s time to look at your website and make some changes. I normally do full audits in January, but I thought this year we should do them mid-year in July too! 

Your task is to be honest with yourself about your website. Is it really attracting your ideal clients and converting them to $$$??

Your website is not just a place to show off your stunning photos (although it should do that too). It’s the hub where potential clients learn about you, why you are the best option for them and how you do what you do. 

So how do you get them to convert into sales? By having a beautiful site that it easy to navigate and provides all the information they need to book you. 

Here’s what I want you to look for: 

  • Does your site clearly show your best 10-15 images from different sessions right when clients land on your page?
  • Do you show your face and tell a little bit about why you do what you do in a friendly voice?
  • Do you have links to your portfolio, blog and more information with easy navigation?
  • Do you have a contact area on the main landing page and in your tabs (to direct them to the contact page).

There are definitely a few extra items you must have to get great conversions. If you want to learn more, check out my Website Conversation Course:

If you feel it’s time for an upgrade, look at your Google analytics to see if people are sticking around your site. It could be time for you to change things up. What do I use for all my website design and for all the photographers I design sites for? Showit. 

Get a FREE month with Showit:

Excited to use Showit, but don’t have any idea of how to get started? I’ve got you! 

My goal with website design is to get it right the first time so I can hand it over to you. I include training videos to walk you through your site so you can easily keep it updated. I also offer ongoing support in case anything gets tweaked and it needs to be fixed 😉 Contact me for info!

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