Thousand Oaks, Brand Photography

Jessie Blois

Jessie and I had so much fun connecting during her at home branding photography session at her home in Thousand Oaks, California. The first thing we did when I arrived was discuss all the amazing adventures Jessie is on in her business. She is starting a podcast all about #whatsyourwhy. She had no idea that I did an entire series of women in business telling their story called What’s Your Why!

These branding images will be used to promote her podcast on her new website so the goal was to get some amazing headshots, great branding at work/candid branding photography to tell her story and some casual branding images of her daily life to connect with her followers on a deeper and more personal level.

Her home wasn’t perfectly bright and had uneven lighting which was no problem for me at all! SO many of my clients worry when they have darker rooms they want photos in, but if the walls are white, then it is super easy to make the rooms look clean and bright. What her home did have was a ton of character and a bunch of locations/rooms inside and out that made it easy to get a wide variety of branding photographs in just 2 hours time.


I’m so excited for this new adventure you are on and I am grateful to be part of it! I can’t wait to celebrate your podcast launch with you and possibly come on as a guest. I love helping people learn the simple way that I push through negative thoughts so I can be at my best and achieve my goals and I’d love to share!

-Kellianne Jordan

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