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Srch-Thaden Family

I had so much fun getting to know this gorgeous family! Not only were they super easy going, but did you see their perfectly coordinating outfits? I am obsessed with Heather’s hats and sweet little Paisley’s dress. So modern and old fashioned at the same time!

Heather and her man are just about to celebrate 20 years of marriage. It’s so exciting!! We took so many photos of the two of them (and their dog) to document this time. They will also use these photos to send to their friends & family in celebration.

Ally and her family are goat farmers, which if you are aware of my weird obsession with goats, then you know I think this is pretty awesome. I’m really hoping to photograph a family session of just their family at the farm with all the sweet baby goats this spring!

Of course we couldn’t leave out mom and dad! I love capturing photos of all the couples as well of just the kiddos. I feel like those photos tell the whole story of the family through the generations.

The only hiccup (besides the freezing temps) was mom’s glasses. It was so darn bright out that her glasses wanted to stay super dark in sunglass mode. But we came up with creative ways to get them to go lighter.

To the Srch-Thaden Family,

Thank you for letting me capture these memories of your family together! I love how magical the day felt with the frozen water and geese. Thank you gus for having such great attitudes. I had so much fun and I hope you enjoy your photos!!

– Kellianne Jordan


Doesn’t Beth look gorgeous? Even not retouched, she’s glowing. It’s so much fun to be able to capture a women’s true beauty through a studio headshots session. I also love seeing my photos in use! Check out my shopping cart at the Bend, Oregon Fred Meyer! There are so many ways to use your headshot…


Artemis a junior high student, actor and model. It was so much fun to do a quick headshot session for his school photos. Actors tend to be my favorite people to work with!


I love when parents call in saying that their young child is looking for acting and modeling headshots. The parents are taking it seriously which is rare and exciting. My mom took me seriously when she saw my passion for acting and I think that is why I LOVE taking pictures of young actors and actresses.

Lucy is only 5 years old and followed direction like a pro. Her entire session took only an hour and 20 minutes and we got 75 awesome headshots that she can use to start her acting and modeling career.

Her mom even asked if she was any good. Um, yeah. She has what it takes! I’m so excited to see what she does this year especially as pilot season fast approaches!

Davis Family

I photographed the Davis family about 4 years ago when their boys were super young and they haven’t had photos taken since then. So I was super exciting to photograph them again. We started the session doing a mini session, but knowing they probably will wait another four years to get family photos, I figures I should I do full session with them. I’m so glad I did because we got beautiful pink skies with mountain views at the very end!

Davis Family,

I hope you guys love these images! they turned out so great and are a perfect way to stop time. You guys are the best! Merry Christmas!!


I love family cuddles!!

Portraits of the kids are so important. Especially this year when these are their school photos.

I always love to capture great mom and dad photos during the session. This was so special because they celebrate a big year of marriage this year. You guys are the cutest!

Herwig Family

The Herwig family finally made the big move out to Bend, Oregon. When Kelly wanted beautiful fall family photos, she asked me to be her photographer. It’s always an honor to photograph other photographers.

I love the orange and yellow fall colors throughout their outfits and in the trees at Drake Park in Bend, OR. Kelly’s biggest fear was that her kids wouldn’t last long for the session. But we played, talked Harry Potter, through leaves around and climbed on rocks to keep it interesting.

We even captured a few just of her to celebrate her birthday. She said that she didn’t have many photos of her mom from her childhood so she wanted to make sure she had some beautiful photos of her.

To the Herwigs,

Thank you for letting me capture these beautiful memories for you. I hope you guys can get settled into Bend quickly and I hope that having these on your walls will help to make it feel like home.

Hubler Family

Oh my goodness, you guys! I can’t even tell you how much I adore this family. Their two boys are about the same ages as mine so it was easy to know what to capture, since I pretty much captured what I would want.

We went to Sparks Lake on Cascade Lakes Highway in Bend, Oregon – one of my favorite places to photograph families. It was a touch chilly, but the sky was clear and the sun was shining. Even without fall color leaves, we still captured gorgeous fall warm family photos.

At their ordering session, Lauren cried because these photos were exactly what she wanted and hoped for. It is so amazing to see the joy that my creativity can bring to families. It’s why I do this!

I can’t wait to get their portraits hung in their home. I just got one of framed artwork pieces back from the printer and it looks amazing!

Hubler Family,

It was such a pleasure to meet you! I hope we can have some play dates with the kiddos soon. Thank you for letting me create these memories for you. I know you are going to cherish the new artwork for your Sunriver home.


Fillmore Family

Don’t you just love the beautiful colors of fall? These family photos of the Fillmore family give me all the warm and fuzzies of the fall season.

I had so much fun getting to know them as we hung out at Drake Park in Bend, Oregon. I can’t believe how much I love these photos! They purchased so many to decorate their house and I know the canvases are going to fill their home with joy all year long.

We even got the dog involved in the fun – and got him looking at the camera for a few! I have to say, no matter what age kids are, I just love capturing them with my camera and stopping time.

Fillmore Family,

Thank you so much for having fun and sharing your smiles and laugher with me. You guys are such a great family! I can’t wait to see these portraits in your home.



Come rain or shine we will still get great images! Between rain showers the McCormick family and I hopped out into the tall grass and spent 30 minutes capturing fall family photos. Ashley loves this location because the backdrop is as close to east coast fall as we can get in Bend, Oregon. I love how their blue outfits pop out of the green and cream backdrop.

Even with a mini session, I still love to capture a few beautiful smiling images, a bunch of candids and of course sweet portraits of their sweet baby girl. It’s so much fun to watch her get bigger!

To the McCormicks,

I know you guys know how much I love photographing you guys! Thanks for toughing out the wind and stormy weather with me 🙂 I can’t wait see Palmer start walking and exploring.



Oh my goodness! How gorgeous is Madi?? Sometimes you just know you are taking amazing photos as you click that shutter and that happened to me during this shoot. I kept telling Angie, Madi’s mom, that they look beautiful 😉 Madi was such a great model. She basically just hung out with me at Shevlin Park as we laughed together. I love her photos so much!

One of my favorite things about Madi’s session are the outfits she chose. Blue and white really pop in the natural setting and help highlight Madi’s eyes, which I LOVE. I also think it is fun when girls can show off different sides of their personalities through wardrobe. I can’t get enough of those cowgirl boots ya’ll.

One thing that Madi asked for was a few special photos with her boyfriend and a few photos with her mom and step dad. It was such a fun idea. I even added some family photos in front of the mountains and a few of just her mom and stepdad at the end (sorry you got bumped out of your session for a minute Madi!).

When you mix great weather, perfect lighting and adorable outfits with great attitudes (and a little laughter), magic can happen.


I already know you love these as much as I do so I just want to say thank you for trusting me with these photos. I had so much fun photographing you and I can’t wait to take more family photos of you guys!