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Tumalo State Park, Oregon

The Guiney Family

I had the pleasure of photographing the Guiney family over the summer when they had just found out they were expecting. So you can imagine my excitement to photograph their maternity/family photography session a few months later!

Kevin contacted me before Christmas asking for a gift card that he could give to his wife, Rebekah, as a very special Christmas gift. It was so much fun to take my normal gift card and add a little holiday touch. Check it out here: https://kelliannejordan.com/2019/11/24/new-gift-cards/

For their maternity session they chose to go to Tumalo State Park where they have enjoyed family dates together. It’s a special place in their hearts which made it perfect for their portrait session!

I always suggest taking photos at a place that is meaningful to you. When you hang your prints on your walls, it’s so amazing to see the scenery that brings back all the memories you’ve enjoyed at that special place. I can only hope that looking at these pictures brings back all the family memories that they have created over the last few years.

When it finally came time for their session, it started snowing. And not the pretty snow that is beautiful for photos, but that slick rain/snow stuff that isn’t pretty and just ruins your hair. So we made a plan to reschedule and it totally worked out. Just a few days later is was sunny and 60 degrees out which gave us this Spring look that completely matched Rebekah’s floral dress.

I just love the sunny glow that created the dreamy look. While we focused on the maternity portraits, I also wanted to make sure we captured all the family photos they were looking for too. In just 45 minutes we stopped time and gave them plenty of joyous and fun memories of this special time in their lives!

To the Guiney Family,

You guys are so much fun to photograph. Thank you so much trusting me with these memories. I can’t wait to meet your little one!


Our survival toolkit during quarantine.

Hi Friends,

I am a working mom and I love my kids, but there is a reason why I’m not a stay at home mom. For all you ladies out there that do stay at home with your children, more power to you! I seriously don’t have the patience and I love that you do.

So if you are like me and you now have to work from home with your kids, I’ve created a few tools for survival that have greatly helped us and hopefully will help you too!

Let me start by saying, I already worked from home before the coronavirus broke out so making that transition was easy for me. The big change I made in my work environment was moving my office into the spare bedroom that is filled with sunshine. t might seem like a weird move, but since I have limited outdoor time now, I needed to maximize the light in my life. It’s been two days since the move and I already feel a new sense of inspiration.

Now let’s talk about the real changes we made. Before: my typical day started at 7:30a when my kids were off at school. I had quite time to read my bible, pray, journal and listen to God before I started my actual work. I had 4 hours of uninterrupted work time everyday before I picked Noah up from school at 12:30p. It was amazing.

Now, like you, I wake up to my kids and they are by my side the whole day. Day two of quarantine I knew I had to do a few things different to survive. As a creative, I have a hard time sticking to a schedule. I like the freedom of being able to do what I need to do, when I need to do it. But kids thrive with schedules. So I started to pray.

I needed to know what their schedule should look like and what we needed to do to be mentally and physically well to survive. Here’s what I came up with:


7:30a – Breakfast

8 – Yoga

8:30 – Get dressed

9 – Music time 

10 – Snack

10:15 – Project time / free play / work

12 – 12:30- Lunch and 20 mins tv

12:30-1:30 – Home improvement project

1:30-2 – Outdoor time 

2-3 – Indoor exercise

3-4 – Reading/art 

4-4:30- Clean up time

4:30-5:30 – tv and work

5:30-6 – make dinner 

6 – Dinner

Caleb helped me put this together and afterwards looked at it and said,” Mom, when are you going to get any work done?”. Well, I have about 2 hours while they work on a project to do my work. I also can work during their outdoor time, during reading time and during their tv time. This gives me pockets of time and breaks up the work for me. I still get about 4 hours of work time everyday and my kids don’t think I abandoned them throughout the day.

If you need to work full time from home, then you will need to double the amount of projects you give your kids and still break it up. They need constant direction. Your 8 hour work day may take all day to get through. If breaking up the day is not an option for you, then you will need to get day care or have someone come watch them. Please do not expect kids to stay away from you if you are home. They still need to care.

So let’s talk about why we made the schedule the way it is. My kids do Cosmic Yoga best when in pajamas so it seemed like a great idea to start the day with it. It also helps to calm their minds and sets the tone of focus for the day. When we have had to skip it because of webinars or other interruptions, the day has been tough. Today was one of those days 🙂

We go straight into getting dressed after yoga because it is important to start each day with getting dressed. I also want to make sure we minimize germs and changing clothing each day helps with that goal. We also all make our beds before breakfast to again, start each day on the right foot.

After everyone has gotten dressed and brushed their teeth we go into music time. Their minds are able to focus on the music now that they have done their yoga and officially started their day. It also helps to reinforce the calmness I’d like to see throughout the day. I teach them bits of how to play the piano and the Ukuele. I am learning right along with them so we do it together. We each have one assignment to accomplish each day.

Which brings me into my main chunk of work time. The kids are given a fun project that they can do after they work on a school assignment. This gives them a goal and a prize and keeps them busy for a chunk of time. -Oh and a snack to get their minds and bodies ready for the work. Typically they won’t complain about hunger again until it’s lunch time. All these things combined give me uninterrupted work time. I give them a special treat at lunch too. They get it taken away if they do interrupt me at all. My mind resets if they interrupt for any reason. I need total focus when I work so they lose out when they break the rule.

During lunch my kids get to watch one TV show. Honestly, this keeps the food at the table while I get another ounce of work done. I eat while I work 🙂

Then we tackle a home improvement project. This gives us a physical project to work on as a team, reminding them that we are in this together. It gives us something easy to do together that gives us a win for the day keeping spirits positive. It also helps get done all those weird little projects around the house. These projects range from putting together a desk for Josh, to painting the laundry room, to organizing their toys to cleaning baseboards. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you all do it together and can get the goal done in one day (make sure they know what the task is and what it looks like to be finished for the day).

After focusing for so long, the kids need to get outside. One reason why I do this later in the day is because I’m waiting for the temperature outside to go up. I’m typically forcing my kids outside. Sometimes they go on a walk with me or my mom and her dog, sometimes they play in the sandbox. I just want them in the sun and fresh air as much as possible. If was more than 50 degrees out on average then I would keep them out longer.

Indoor exercise is a rotation of each kid on the elliptical, then bouncing their legs on the ball while counting my PT exercises. They just have a little fun while I actually try to exercise.

They then go into reading time while I stay on the elliptical. Noah usually finishes his project from earlier since he can’t read.

We spend some time cleaning up toys and sweeping the house to make it look nice each day. This keeps me sane. Also, the faster they clean up, the more TV time they have next.

TV time and work wrap up time is after clean up. Then we move into dinner time. The boys switch off who helps with dinner. We make dinner together, eat and get them ready for bed.

Everyday can change, but the more we stick to this schedule, the more everyone knows what is happening, stays calm and the more work I get done.

I really hope this will help you as much as it’s helped us. We are accomplishing more goals than ever before (like learning instruments and doing home projects). Adjust it to fit your needs! And celebrate the little wins each day!

– Kellianne

How to support the ones you love…

Hi Friends!

I’m Kellianne, a wedding and portraits photographer. I am a small business owner, entrepreneur, wife, mom and so much more. While I already work from home, my business requires me to be with people (since that’s what I photograph).

My business, like so many others has been effectively shut down do to social distancing for the Covid-19 virus. I will not go out of business, but I also can’t work right now. Even though I know I can photograph clients with social distancing rules in place, I’m okay with not because I want to do whatever I can to keep people like my mom and dad safe.

But here’s the thing, many small businesses will be forced to shut down during this time. I’ve seen so many amazing people in our community come together to support small businesses so far, so let’s keep doing that!

While many businesses need money right now to survive, especially the food industry, there is only so much money you can spend to help your favorite businesses.

There are so many ways to support small businesses without giving money. Here are a few…

Buy Something

Okay, this is the money one 🙂 If you have the funds, please buy 1 thing each day from one of your favorite small businesses. This will help keep them going so you can buy more from them in the future.

If you’ve ever thought about having family photos taken or a headshot, I’d love for you to buy from me. The session will not expire and will have flexible scheduling. Also, anyone who buys a session now will get priority booking (yes those precious Saturday slots will be open to you).

Leave a Google Review

If you’ve used my services in the past, a great way to help my business at this time is to leave a Google Review. You can use this link to directly access my Google Review page: Click to add a Google review!

These reviews are used by Google to rank us in Google search. Every review helps bring in more business. Every review is like cash in hand for my business.

Follow Us

Follow us on Instagram. I recently split up my Instagram account into the 3 categories that I photograph. If you don’t already follow me, please follow the one you love or all three. It really does help!

Families: https://www.instagram.com/kellianne_jordan/

I will soon be showing amazing projects you can do with your kids as well as giving tips for getting great photos on your own. I hope this will become my main Instagram feed where I can keep investing in the amazing families I get to work with!

Weddings: https://www.instagram.com/kelliannejordanphotography/

I use this feed to not only show off my beautiful brides and their creative and personal weddings, but also to support my fellow small business owners in the wedding industry. I love being able to share about our marriage too! My goal is to create a place where my brides can be a community, learning how to have strong and healthy marriages.

Headshots: https://www.instagram.com/kjheadshots/

My goal is to show off those awesome headshots we take in the studio and around town. I also love to highlight working professionals and share what they love to do and who they are! If you’ve had you headshot taken by me, please follow this feed. I’ll be posting fun ideas on how to use your headshot as well as tips for taking casual photos of yourself on the go.

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Hang out on the blog and leave little comments on posts. This helps too!


Lastly, share our website, Instagram feed, blog posts and FB posts with your friends.

Thank you so much for supporting your favorite small businesses! We’ve already seen so much support in our community. I feel so blessed to be around such amazing people!


Kellianne Jordan

Higgins – Bend, Oregon

If you’ve been following me then you may recognize Stephanie from a commercial photography shoot last Spring where she played Caleb’s mom. It may seem weird to have someone else play your kid’s mom in a photoshoot, but it wasn’t weird for me at all. I think it helps that I adore Stephanie!

When Stephanie called asking for info on maternity sessions, I was thrilled! I really am so excited for her and husband to start a new adventure and with twins!! Seriously, so excited!

The main thing they wanted out of the session was to not only have beautiful photos of the two of them and of Stephanie, but also of the gender reveal. These photos are to be the gender announcement to all their friends and family! And with everyone totally online these days as we quarantine together, there really could be no better way to announce the gender of their sweet little babies.

I will say that I’m so happy we were able to take these photos. It was the first session with true social distancing in place and was actually a bit easier than I thought it would be. Typically I stand 6-30 feet away from my clients in order to use longer lenses and get more of that amazing compression and bokeh. Social distancing during a photography session simply meant that I needed to use my words more, rather than moving hands and touching my clients to let them know how to pose. It also meant that I couldn’t help carry their props or pick them up for them. I did feel a little helpless at the session, but for good reason – I needed to keep my couple (and babies) safe, just in case.

Social distancing really didn’t dampen the mood or change much and we were able to keep that minimum 6 feet apart the whole time while having fun and capturing these beautiful winter maternity portraits! I’m really so glad we didn’t cancel. Even in 20 degree weather we pushed through and spent 40 minutes quickly capturing 100 perfect images.

Don’t let the coronavirus ruin your life. You can still have joy and find beauty in the world. You can still celebrate gender reveals. Just look at this amazing couple!

To Stephanie and Will,

Thank you for trusting me to capture these beautiful memories for you! And thank you for coming out in 20 degree freezing winter weather. I hope you guys can cherish these photos for years!!


How to plan a wedding with Covid-19.

How to plan a wedding during the coronavirus outbreak…

My sister’s long awaited wedding is coming up fast. We have all been planning for this special event for years and are a little anxious about what is going to happen. I know she’s stressing about the whole thing possibly being canceled knowing that since this is an act of God, she will loose any deposits made. So, what do we do? 

Let me assure you, your wedding vendors want your wedding to happen. The wedding and event industry is being hit hard with city, county, state and federal enforced shut downs. Those smaller events are the lifeline that the industry needs to allow the vendors to be paid and buy groceries for their families. As long as it is safe to do so, they want your event to happen.

If you are willing to postpone your wedding, or of you are forced to, then contact your vendors and ask if they will let you switch dates. I have a whole section in my wedding photography contract that provides details with how to switch dates without a penalty and in this case, I am happy to wave those penalties for my brides until March 31st of 2021, just in case. It will hurt my business. But it will hurt more to have a full cancelation. I’m sure many other vendors will agree with me.  

On the phone with my sister she said, “I’m still getting married!”. If you aren’t willing to postpone the wedding, here are my suggestions on how to get married in these uncertain times…

With everything up in the air and out of our control it’s hard to know what will happen in the coming weeks and months. I watch a lot of survival shows and I’ve learned that the most important thing in times like these, where everything seems chaotic and out of your control, is to figure out what you can control. I know the world isn’t ending and we aren’t stuck on a deserted island, but we are living in a world where we no longer have control of social interactions. The government has mostly taken over this part of our human existence, at least for now. So how can our lives go on? 

I asked myself two questions:

  1. What is the most important thing for the wedding?
  2. What is the one thing we CAN control so we don’t go crazy and get too stressed out?

I’ll say this, weddings are a celebration about a couple making a lifetime commitment. They aren’t about decorations or dancing. They aren’t about gourmet meals or photography (it hurts to say this because I know how valuable photos are, but it is still true). 

I assured my sister that even if the venue cancels the event, even if the government cancels the event, we will still have a wedding for her. The most important thing for her is that the commitment is made. She said they’d just run to the courthouse and get it done if they have to. The reality is that that may not be an option. 

In fact, the courthouse is already shut down in Orange County so she actually can’t currently get a marriage license.

What can you control? You can create a backup plan so your stress is controlled. You can make sure your marriage can still be legal and you can still have a wedding.

Here’s what you can do:

Make a secondary plan. If your venue cancels your event, where can you have your wedding? Could you reschedule your reception with your venue for next year? Can you host a smaller wedding at someone’s house or at a park? Or can you get all your vendors to reschedule and talk with them about what it would look like should you have to reschedule again?

Check the laws of your state. If the court shuts down, how do you get married? You’ll need to check the laws in your state, but if you can find someone to get ordained on the internet now and pick up your marriage license immediately, then you have a legal backup plan and a way to tie the knot even if the government shuts its doors to marriages. Remember, most marriage licenses are only valid for 90 days.

Let your guests know what the plan is. Let your guests know that the event will still go on but if they are feeling sick or being asked to quarantine that you will post photos online for them to see. Or let them know that you will be postponing or canceling all together. Keep the lines of communication open by inviting them to follow your wedding information on a wedding website. Wedding websites are easy to make and free. Ask for their email addresses too so can email everyone with new information.

Have a plan for your guests to see you tie the knot. If you are doing a small wedding (less than 10 people) before the actual event with all your guests, then have a way for them to be part of the real celebration. Cell phones are great for occasions like these were you need a simple solution for sharing a video. Set up a cell phone to video your ceremony and share the video online so guests can see this amazing piece of your life.

This is also great once you are allowed to have your larger event. It will allow your guests to be part of your day virtually should they choose to not attend the event. You can also do a group zoom call where they can login and watch the live event digitally. 

Be okay with not having the perfect wedding you dreamed of or waiting until it can happen.

For my sister’s wedding I explained to her that if she already has her marriage license and a friend who is ordained (she has 3), once limits on small gatherings are lifted and we can have up to 25 people together again, even if it’s just the immediate family, she can still get married. My mom and I may need to FaceTime in if they shut down all travel to California since we live 900 miles away. But she can still get married. 

Her reception can get postponed, and she can still have it in the future if need be. Life may look different, but it will go on and we will plan events again in the future. They may be limited to a certain number, but they will happen.

As for the honeymoon… My sister and her fiancé were planning a trip to Italy. Clearly, that won’t be possible at this time. Even in a couple months, I would say that it is still not wise to go to Italy or other places where a large scale outbreak has happened. In a year, I’m sure it will be fine. A lot of couples wait until their 1 year anniversary to go on their honeymoon. My sister was not happy with this idea even though she knows it may need to happen. However, she doesn’t want to just go back to work on Monday. After all the stress of planning a wedding, not to mention having to have multiple backup plans for the wedding, she wants a honeymoon.

My suggestion was to travel within 600 miles from her home or within whatever restrictions the city, county, state have. (I assume that if we can have an event with 25 people that we will also not be homebound). Find a place that just the two of them can be together. It doesn’t have to be perfect or be a big adventure. It’s about the two of them finding time to be together so they can start their marriage from a place of peace and not stress. 

The most important thing to remember is that a wedding is about a marriage. A honeymoon is about relaxing with your new spouse. Location, decorations, food and even guests are all special luxuries that we may need to learn to live without. Weddings and marriages will still go on. Your wedding can still happen, it will just look different and you need to be okay with that. 

There is no need to stress about the things you can’t control. What you can control is your backup plan. 

The only things you need for a wedding are :

  1. You and your fiancé.
  2. A couple witnesses.
  3. A marriage license. 
  4. Someone who is ordained. 

The next things would be a cell phone for a video and possibly even a professional photographer, but even that would be a luxury at this point. Photos can be taken with a cell phone if need be. A photographer can capture you and your fiancé/spouse together later. It won’t be the same as the actual event, but these are special times and it’s ok to do things a special way. 

Life will go on. Your wedding can still happen, you just need a plan.

-Kellianne Jordan

How to keep warm at your winter wedding…

If you are dreaming of a winter wedding, snow slowly falling from above creating a blanket of beautiful white along the ground, then there is one thing to keep in mind: snowy winter days are cold. Wedding dresses are often made of lace and are created for brides getting married in the popular summer months. Often they are not designed to keep a bride warm on a winter wedding day. So how do you keep warm in the cold without ruining your style? 

Many people have asked, what do brides wear when it’s cold? The most sophisticated style choice is fur. Fake or real is up to you, but the look and feel is the same. Fur will keep you warm while elevating your winter wedding day look.

Here are a few stylish ways real brides kept warm at their weddings in the cold months:

The white fur shawl, shrug, wrap, cape or stole. 

One of my favorite winter wedding wear items is the white fur shawl. Call it shawl, stole, cape or shrug, this delicate item adds warmth to the bride without hiding the dress much. It also adds texture to the image with an elegant, upscale charm.

Erin chose a white fur shawl for her rustic wedding in central Oregon at Brasada Ranch. She looked gorgeous all day! (And yes, we did take a bunch of photos without the shawl too!)

The full fur coat.

Felicia had a snow surprise on her wedding day. She had hoped for snow and planned for it, but didn’t expect 6 feet of it! Luckily she really did plan ahead and not only had a big fur cote to keep herself warm, but also had a beautiful colored fur shawl for her bridesmaid. They looked gorgeous on wedding the day! I love how the colored fur pops against the white snowy backdrop.

The color-coordinated wrap.

Lindsay also got married at Brasada Ranch but chose a colored wrap for her spring wedding. With her husband wearing bright purple, it made sense for her to match. Often brides will wear white and gift their bridesmaids a colored shawl. Lindsey opted for color and had her bridesmaids wear denim jackets to tie in to her rustic ranch wedding.

The fur vest. 

Yvonne was hoping for a slightly warm wedding day and bought this winter fur vest for her chilly engagement session. I love how the texture pops off her images! On her wedding day, the wedding turned cold so she had her bridesmaids grab a blanket and her fur. They only used them for a few minutes while I was photographing the groom and his groomsmen. They definitely kept her warm for a few minutes and were great to have around!

Denim jacket, leather jacket or fabric jacket.

Another option for a down-to-earth, rustic wedding is grabbing your jean jacket. I love when brides add a cowboy charm to their wedding day! Tammy brought her jean jacket to the reception on a cool summer evening. I think she only wore it for the photos with her sweet horse, but it added perfectly to their rustic charm at their causal wedding while keeping her warm when she wasn’t on the dance floor. 

Chelsea chose a simple fabric jacket for her winter elopement. She even wore the jacket during the ceremony to keep warm. 


Looking for more inspiration? Here are a few of my favorite warm wedding wear ideas and where to find them – just click on the link and it will take you there!

The Bridal Fur Shawl, Stole, Shrug and Wraps:

The Bridal  Poncho: 

The Long Bridal Cape: 

The Short Bridal Cape:

The fur bridal jacket:

The bridal jacket:

The Bridal Bolero (cropped jacket):

Our long awaited fossil dig!

For all you guys who have followed along, you may know how important this trip was to me. I’ve been waiting 16 years to do a fossil dig. Ever since I read about one in Idaho in the in-flight magazine. I’ve been waiting until my kids hit that perfect age of being able to listen, but still having a love for digging and dinosaurs. We finally hit that stage!

As a reward to myself for working hard over the summer and reaching all my goals, I took the family out to Fossil, Oregon for a real fossil dig. It was a fairly short trip and ended up being absolutely perfect. 

It started with a long 2.5 hours drive to Fossil, Oregon. When we got to Fossil we headed straight to the visitors center where we took photos with fossils, dinosaurs and got some amazing tips on how to find our own fossils.

We hopped back in the car to our dig site full of excitement! We finally make it to this place that we’ve been planning on going to for years and it’s super sketchy. If you’ve ever been out to Fossil you know that you park at the tiny high school and dig next to the football field – super weird. But that didn’t stop us from having a blast.

After collecting our tools we went in search for the perfect dig area. We spent 2 hours digging up old rocks and breaking them open to find our special fossils inside. It was very special and so much fun! My boys ended up getting tired before I did (I really could have stayed all day). So we went in search of cold lemon-aid in town.

After our lemon-aid break we headed to the Thomas Condon Paleontology Center in John Day. We side tracked a bit and went on random hike to learn more about fossils. Apparently there are a bunch of hikes where you can learn more about the land and they post images and real fossils along the trail. We didn’t get any photos because we had to stop in the middle and hurry back to the bathroom for our little Noah. The museum was fun though!

Our last stop was the painted hills. We’ve seen them before, but how could we not stop there again? My cell phone did a pretty good job this trip to capture our fun! The drive home was filled with old school 80’s and 90’s pop to bug our kids. All in all, an awesome trip that I recommend to anyone!

Chelsea + Scott

Elopements are so much fun, filled with joy and just the perfect intimate amount of friends and family!

Chelsea and Scott met when Chelsea joined her mom at a work holiday party. Scott, who normally does not attend work events, happened to attend this one. It must have been fate for the two of them to meet.

They took their relationship slow and steady, taking time to get to know each other and each others family’s. When they started talking about future plans together, they couldn’t see planning life without the other one. One sunny, snowy day on a hike at their family cabin, Scott proposed.

Chelsea dreamed of a wedding that was simple, easy and small. That’s exactly what she created for her big day. Their family had already planned a ski trip in Bend so she thought it would be a great place to get married and a great date to do it with only close family around.

The day of the wedding was a warm winter Bend day. They could not have asked for better weather in February. With the family gathered around, we just had to wait for the judge. There is always 1 thing that goes wrong at a wedding, even in an elopement. This was it. The judge forgot.

It ended up being totally fine, though. Scott’s sister in-law called the judge up and he raced down the road on his bike. He was great and made everyone laugh, but most importantly was there to officiate the wedding.

“Marriage means forever and a united front for future kids” – Chelsea

Chelsea and Scott,

Thank you for letting me be part of your day! You guys are so kind and fun to be around. I hope you have the best marriage ever. I can’t wait to see your future kids!

– Kellianne

Chelsea’s gorgeous red wedding dress was found at Lulus.

I’ve never seen a bride pin the boutonniere on the groom before. So modern!

Chelsea had a family member create this gorgeous pin for her hair.

Could you tell what formal book the judge used during the ceremony? It’s the Hitchhiker’s Guide! 42!

Wedding Signs

I come from a sign making family. My grandfather started a sign business, hand painting wood signs, over 50 years ago. My dad took it over before I was born and still runs it (he’s really hoping me and my sister will take it over). Because of growing up at his sign shop, I do weird things like touch signs to see what they are made of. I also have a huge appreciation for weddings signs. 

I love how creative they can be in order to not only fit the theme of the wedding, but also give a sense of who the couple is. Signs can be used throughout the entire wedding to showcase so many different aspects of the day. 

A few of my favorites are the introduction sign as guests enter the ceremony space. I also love when kids carry signs down the aisle (as my son, Noah, will be doing for my sister’s wedding soon). That being said, I’ve seen signs used in so many different ways throughout my years as a wedding photographer. There are 10 main categories of signs that I will walk you through. I hope this gives you some inspiration on how to use signs during your wedding day!

Wedding Entrance Signs

Like I mentioned, these are my all time favorites. More attention is poured into these signs than any other because they are the signs that set the mood for your guests as soon as they arrive. When guests arrive at your wedding, the entrance sign assures them they have landed at the right wedding and tells them if it’s a rustic affair, a fun and casual wedding, an elegant evening or something else entirely. Think of these signs as an extension of your wedding invitation.

Wedding entrance signs come in all different shapes and sizes. The most common wedding entrance sign I’ve seen is the wood sign with hand painted custom lettering. Maybe I love them the most because they remind me of my grandfather. Most often, they are adorned with plants. 

Lindsey and Tyler chose to print a poster sign and attached it to wood. This allowed them to add graphics and make sure that the fonts matched their invitation, programs and was carried through the entire wedding.

Rather than hand painting this sign, Megan and Joshua chose to apply vinyl lettering. With the small text I think this was an excellent choice. 

Choose a Seat Not a Side

The “Choose a Seat Not a Side” sign as become increasingly more popular. Here are 4 creative ways that some of my recent brides have used this type of sign. It’s great when either the bride or groom have more people, if your seating is uneven (more seats on one side of the aisle) or if you just want to keep things casual.

Here Comes The Bride Signs

These signs tend to be carried by the cutest of the men at the wedding. It gives the non ring-bearer boy something to carry and a way to be part of the wedding without being a flower boy (although we did suggest this to Noah). Seriously cute stuff happening with these signs! 

Here are 3 examples of the Here Comes The Bride sign that I love!

Wedding Informational Signs

Wedding informational signs are necessary for your guests to feel comfortable and to know what is happening throughout your day. They are used throughout the wedding day to guide your guests seamlessly through spaces and events. 

Here a few ways you can use signs to provide information without taking away from your day.

  • Take One (blanket, fan, custom gift, treat)
  • Gift and Card Table Signs
  • Program Signs
  • Guestbook Sign In Sign
  • Reserved Signs at Tables (if you have open seating these will allow for family members to join the reception after family photos without missing out on the best seats)

Take One Signs

If you want your guests to do something, like take a blanket if they are cold, take a fan if they are warm or take a thing of bubbles to blow at you as you head back up the aisle after the ceremony, then a simple wedding sign can help make that happen. 

Gift and Card Table Signs

These help your guests know where they should leave the gifts.

Program Signs

This wedding program sign told the guests what to expect for the wedding as soon as they arrived.

Guestbook Sign In Sign

Reserved Signs at Tables

If you have open seating these will allow for family members to join the reception after family photos without missing out on the best seats.

Another one I think is worth mentioning is the explantation sign for a totally unique and super meaningful thing you are doing at your wedding. Katie and Tony added this candle sign to explain to their guests why the candle is burning. So sweet!

I can’t move on until I’ve mentioned the game signs. Wedding game signs customize your day and let guests know that you want them to play the game. I can’t help but love the custom wedding corn hole sets! 

Lastly in the wedding informational sign section, we have the directional signs. I’ve seen so many variations of these signs, including the last minute cardboard sign taped to a pole for a fancy wedding. Whoops! I think they realized on the wedding day their guests needed more guidance to the location. 

My best advice for the directional signs is to drive or walk into the each location (ceremony, reception, and anything else that applies). As you go, think about where the guests could get confused or where you want to make sure they know they are in the right spot. It can be as simple as this wood sign saying “WEDDING” with an arrow. These small signs tell guests where to go and that they have arrived at the right spot. 

Next, I would walk through your day like the guests will and add signs telling them where to go. This will take away any confusion for your guests and allow to them relax and have fun. 

Mr. & Mrs. Signs

Most brides know about the Mr. & Mrs. seating signs. The hang off the chairs or tables for the bride and groom. Here are a few examples to give you some creative ideas on how to customize these signs for your wedding.

Wedding Decor Signs

Of all the categories, this one will have the most variety and creativity. These are just a few of the signs I’ve seen at wedding receptions. I always favor the signs that truly represent who the couple is. I’ve added in a few of my all time favs here.

Kaylin and Robby come from a dentist background and loved clean teeth. With a BBQ wedding, they figured their guests could use some dental floss after the meal.

Bride and Groom initials are easy to place around the event space to customize the wedding.

This sign was made our of 3 bicycles representing the unity of dad, daughter and new mom. It was a bicycle themed wedding and perfectly customized the space for them.

Menu Signs

I’ll admit that I didn’t think of doing a menu sign for my wedding. I’m not sure this ever would have crossed my mind. However, I did just create one for my sisters upcoming bridal shower to tell people where the alcohol is 🙂

Here a few classic and rustic menu signs to show you how you can creatively use menu signs on your wedding day.

Cake Topper Signs

The cake topper sign had been around for awhile now. It’s an easy cake topper that adds a little height to your cake and something more then flowers. These tend to add a modern touch to a rustic day and a classic look to a modern day, depending on the lettering used. Here a few examples to give inspiration.

Custom Wedding Signs For Your Home

The custom wedding sign that will be hung in the home after the wedding is a really unique item that will last a lifetime. I didn’t think of doing this, although my dad has gifted us a few JORDAN signs since our wedding day. The Millers actually had 2 custom signs at their wedding. 

Another custom wedding sign is one that your guests can create for you. I’ve seen the custom signature sign at a few weddings. It’s a great rustic way to add some love into your home with messages from your guests. 

Thank You Signs

Lastly is the Thank You Sign. At the end of the day this a great sign to have and to hold for a photo. It makes a great image to print on custom wedding thank you cards for your guests.

I absolutely love these old wood cabinet doors that Morgan and Ethan are holding. It adds an extra rustic touch to their cowboy wedding. 

I hope these sign ideas help you get creative and come up with ideas that work for your wedding! I’d love to know what your favorite sign idea is. Leave me a note in the comments.


Perfect for Christmas, Mothers day and More

I just love our new gift cards! They are so perfect for Mother’s Day, Birthdays and Christmas gifts. Gift Cards don’t expire either. Check out the special touch I added for Christmas Gifts this year…

Contact me to purchase your gift card gift!

Off Road Wheel Chair

Meet the AdvenChair.

What an amazing wheelchair for off-roading adventures! There is no reason to be held back anymore! No longer do people need to miss out on adventures in this beautiful area we live in. This chair is the solution. It’s easy to use and opens up new opportunities like never before.

I got see first hand how this chair works during a family photography session. We took it off roading for photos. We couldn’t have gone to these beautiful places without it!

You can read the fully story behind the AdvenChair here: https://www.advenchair.com/

Pfister Family

What a fun family! When your whole family comes to visit and you know it won’t happen again for a long time, that is when you book a photo session. Callie knew that when her niece and nephew came to town that she just had to get adorable photos with the little ones (and of course her parents, brother and sister in law), but we all know the kids steal the show 🙂

These kiddos are so cute! I wish they lived closer so I could photograph those beautiful little faces every year.

Callie and her brother grew up in Bend and even ran into some friends from high school in the middle of our shoot. They are really a great family. With Callie’s dad getting more unable to move around, these family photos are more valuable than ever before. What was so great was that Callie was able to borrow an amazing off-road wheel chair for the session to get dad around. Click here to learn more about the AdvenChair.

If you haven’t been out to Dillon Falls in Bend, Oregon, I’d highly suggest heading out and checking out the trail along the river. It goes right by the falls. My favorite spot for photos is the field. It’s only accessibly for part of the year, and you can’t go too far into it, but it sure is pretty!

We had perfect fall weather for this Dillon Falls family photography session. I love the fall colors they chose for their session too! It screams fall, and yet still can work all year long when they hang these photos in their homes.

Moms always ask, what if my kid cries the whole time? I do have a ton of tips I give to families on how to prepare your kiddo for a session so this doesn’t happen. It includes keeping your schedule the same as always and making sure they get a lot of rest. So, when you drive into town at midnight the night before your session and truly have no control over emotions of your kids, what do we do at the shoot? We shoot anyway. We play, we bribe (yes, bring the candy), we say yes, we make them happy and we shoot a little longer if we need to.

Sweet little Barrett had a rough go at this session, but he totally rallied at the end. Even throughout the session you can’t totally tell that he was crying. The rest of the family helped with him and kept the atmosphere joyful, which can be the key to success. I’m so happy with their family photos and extra glad that Barrett loves M&Ms 🙂

To the Pfister Family,

Thank you for trusting me to take these amazing family photos of your crew. I hope you love them as much as I do! I know you will cherish these for years to come.