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Chelsea + Scott

Elopements are so much fun, filled with joy and just the perfect intimate amount of friends and family!

Chelsea and Scott met when Chelsea joined her mom at a work holiday party. Scott, who normally does not attend work events, happened to attend this one. It must have been fate for the two of them to meet.

They took their relationship slow and steady, taking time to get to know each other and each others family’s. When they started talking about future plans together, they couldn’t see planning life without the other one. One sunny, snowy day on a hike at their family cabin, Scott proposed.

Chelsea dreamed of a wedding that was simple, easy and small. That’s exactly what she created for her big day. Their family had already planned a ski trip in Bend so she thought it would be a great place to get married and a great date to do it with only close family around.

The day of the wedding was a warm winter Bend day. They could not have asked for better weather in February. With the family gathered around, we just had to wait for the judge. There is always 1 thing that goes wrong at a wedding, even in an elopement. This was it. The judge forgot.

It ended up being totally fine, though. Scott’s sister in-law called the judge up and he raced down the road on his bike. He was great and made everyone laugh, but most importantly was there to officiate the wedding.

“Marriage means forever and a united front for future kids” – Chelsea

Chelsea and Scott,

Thank you for letting me be part of your day! You guys are so kind and fun to be around. I hope you have the best marriage ever. I can’t wait to see your future kids!

– Kellianne

Chelsea’s gorgeous red wedding dress was found at Lulus.

I’ve never seen a bride pin the boutonniere on the groom before. So modern!

Chelsea had a family member create this gorgeous pin for her hair.

Could you tell what formal book the judge used during the ceremony? It’s the Hitchhiker’s Guide! 42!

Kristan + Damien

Kristan has been a huge part of our life for awhile now, since she is Josh’s assistant. She’s an amazing person so I was thrilled when she announced she was getting married! And I was more than happy to be their photographer to capture all the joy of their family filled backyard wedding in Bend, Oregon.

Kristan and Damien wanted a simple wedding filled with intentionally powerful elements as they joined their lives together in this sacred union. If you’ve ever wondered how to fill your wedding with unique and meaningful pieces throughout your day then keep reading. Kristan thought through everything and focused only on the most meaningful things that would help them come together while surrounded by their loved ones.

“My bridal bouquet was created from a piece of wood my best friend (and maid of honor) found on a hike weeks before. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be the perfect handle.  I added flowers and a few crystals that held special value to me, along with a few owl feathers I had acquired many years ago.  Damien’s boutonniere received an owl feather as well so that he and I would be vibrationally attuned to the other. ” – Kristan

This is their sweet girl Phoenix who we adore! My little Noah can’t get enough of her. Had he not been sick, he would have loved to have been at the wedding to dance the night away with her.

“We created handfasting cords in colors that held value to each of us individually, and chose 2 charms for each cord; one that represented Damien (the Celtic lion head) and one that represented me (the Celtic heart), and a charm on each with a vow promise to the other.” – Kristan

“Dad walked me down the aisle to Connie playing the Crystal singing bowl I found years prior in preparation for Phoenix’s birth… it was perfect!  We had a variety of drums available throughout the ceremony as well, because I have a deep connection to the Native Indian way of life.  The drum reminds me of connection with the heartbeat of Mother Earth.  We also surrounded our ceremonial space and tables with obsidian stones and crystals to both ground our energies and expand our prayers and newly co-created dreams. ” – Kristan

Can you see the magic that Kristan created? I also have a connection to the Native American way of life since I’m part Native American. I love this part about her! It’s been so much fun to see how she incorporates Native Indian rituals into her life, and now her wedding.

They felt incredibly blessed to have Kristan’s soul sister, Connie, officiate their ceremony. Everything came together perfectly for their wedding day, including Connie. Damien trusted Kristan fully with the wedding planning and didn’t know until the day before the wedding that Connie would be the one officiating. It turned out that Connie has known Damien since he was a kid playing with her kids.

“We were so blessed to have 4 generations represented at our wedding, with the youngest at nearly 4 and the oldest at 92!” – Kristan

“Mom and I found my wedding dress just a few short weeks before our ceremony (talk about waiting until the last minutes!)  It was the perfect blend of simple-elegant-woodland fairy.  My mom had recently found these sweet little wooden butterfly buttons that called out to be on the dress somewhere…since butterflies represent transformation, I carefully sewed a few into the flowing folds.  It was a fun little surprise for us all when they peaked out now and again.” – Kristan

“We asked Connie to call in the four cardinal directions and ancestral energies to consecrate our space as sacred, and to invite the spirits of our many loved ones who had already crossed over.  In this, we also set up a space where we displayed photos of those loved ones, along with family who weren’t able to join us that day.” – Kristan

Kristan and Damien,

Thank you so much for being part of our lives! Josh and I feel so blessed to know you guys. We had so much fun celebrating with you and we both wish you all the love, joy and luck as you enter this journey together!

-Kelli + Josh

Danielle + Ty

“We’ve been best friends and sole mates since high school. As we’ve grown so has our relationship and we can’t wait to take the next step” – Danielle.

Danielle and Tyler married at River Run Lodge Eagle Crest in Redmond, Oregon. Like she said, they’ve known they wanted to get married since high school. These two have spent the last 9 years camping, fishing, cooking and loving on their dog, Duke. Having a long relationship meant they could have a short engagement. Their engagement was only 4 months.

Ty proposed on Danielle’s birthday at the beach at sunset. So romantic! She had just had surgery and wasn’t sure if she could make it the beach so they ended up having a simple and relaxing evening by the fire watching the sun go down. In the sweet and simple moment, he proposed.

They chose Redmond for their wedding because they love the area and were hoping to get married in the snow. It actually snowed during their ceremony and we were able to capture some beautiful moments in the snow at the end of the night. The venue gave them an exceptional deal since it was off season. The River Run Lodge at Eagle Crest has a view that Danielle could not resist. Both Danielle and Ty loved the rustic and intimate setting of the venue.

They wanted their wedding to be simple, inviting and fun. Everyone had a great time so they definitely accomplished their goals.

“Marriage means you’re stuck with that person forever! through thick and thin, good and bad so you better make sure you’re with the right person. I’m a million percent positive I’ve found the right one. There’s no one else I’d rather spend the rest of my life with and can’t wait to make the commitment in front of God and my family and friends.” – Danielle

Danielle and Ty,

Thank you for letting me be part of your day. Your friends and family were so sweet! I know you guys (and Duke) are going to have a happy and amazing life together.


I love all the matching rose gold jewelry!

This is one of the best custom ring boxes I’ve seen. It’s so beautiful!

Danielle’s sister let her borrow her wedding dress. Danielle looks stunning it and was so thankful to have a sister willing to share something so special.

Isn’t Duke so handsome! He’s a big part of their lives so they had to have at the wedding.

Yes, the bride and groom really did wear sunglasses throughout the ceremony. Their was a reason though. Danielle had an allergic reaction to her eye makeup the morning of the wedding. Her eyes puffed up and were red throughout the wedding day. She also had to go without makeup the whole day. I personally couldn’t tell, but she wanted to keep the glasses on until her eyes were a little less red. So, they both wore sunglasses as a way to stick together in a crisis. It’s actually pretty sweet!

“My grandpa on my moms side is officiating the wedding. My sister had our other grandpa officiate her wedding which is one of my favorite parts about our ceremony. I’m thankful to have such an amazing family and lucky to have them there to be apart of our special day” – Danielle.

Danielle’s mom helped find the catering company as well as the cake company, I’da’s cakes. She was a huge help with the whole wedding. Danielle was a very laid back bride and he mom jumped right in assuring things got done.

The candy bar for the guests was one of Danielle’s favorite fun parts of her wedding day.

Lindsey + Tyler

Josh and love to get away in the winter and Scottsdale, Arizona is warm and, most importantly, has a direct flight out of Bend so off we went to spend a weekend away together. While we were out discovering all of Scottsdale’s awesomeness we had a chance to hang out with one of our amazing couples!! It was so much fun to get to know Lindsey and Tyler a little more and to take engagement photos of them in their backyard.

Lindsey and Tyler moved out to Arizona only 4 months ago. Although Tyler grew up in Scottsdale, all the Arizona adventures are still new to Lindsey. We got to hike around Papago Park’s Hole In The Rock to get beautiful portraits of their little family together.

Of corse when Lindsey asked if their dog, Ranger, could be in some of the photos, I couldn’t resist saying yes! I love adding in fur babies for snuggles. He was great to have at the shoot and Josh was a great dog wrangler! Josh only got a chance to take a few images at this session, but his help in caring props and taking care of Ranger was so important! Overall it was a great weekend away together topped off with a beautiful and fun engagement session at Papago Park in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Jamie + Gregory

A Charming Aspen Hall Wedding in Bend, Oregon

Ceremony: Aspen Hall / Caterer: El Sancho / DJ: David Turnbull / Linens: Line Tablecloth Co. /  Makeup & Hair: Edge Hair & Makeup / Bride’s Dress: Bella Brides Bend

This wedding was charming in more ways than one. Right from the start I knew I would get along with Jamie and Gregory. Josh was supposed to shoot their wedding, but after meeting them, I just couldn’t let him. They are so my people!

Not only is Gregory a hilarious theater guy, but he loves everything Harry Potter. And Jamie is a huge Star Wars fan. If you know me at all, you know theater, Harry Potter and Star Wars are three of my favorite things. How could I not fall in love with this couple immediately?

I can only describe their beautiful journey coming together through their own poetic words, “We talked Zen and the art of living in the present and found our Serenity in our first home, a 1981 air-cooled Vanagon named Ground Control. From there we embarked on a journey of countless nights beneath the stars with our home changing each time we put the van in park. Some nights were along the rocky shores of lakes sitting at the foot of snow-capped mountains. Other nights we were lost in the forest, hidden beneath the canopy of juniper trees. The close quarters and constant disconnect from the stresses of the busy world allowed us to see each other more clearly, and our bond only strengthened.” – Jamie and Gregory.

Every last detail of this wedding was incredibly thoughtful. Jamie and greg both love the outdoors so it was only natural to incorporate their favorite outdoor elements into their wedding. Jamie filled bouquet jars with pine tree clippings and adorned them with charms that perfectly described each of her amazing bridesmaids. One loved dogs and had a dog charm, another an elephant while Jamie had a collection of charms. Jamie’s charms also included two of her Grandmother’s rings as a little something old. In addition to these, Jamie added golden branches to her cascading braided hair.

Gregory will forever sport one of the coolest men’s rings I’ve every seen. All the way around is beautiful little trees. Whenever Gregory is stuck in the office he can look down and imagine being surrounded by trees with his beautiful wife.


Jamie described her dress as reminding her of a fancy grandma doily. I think it fits perfect with the charm of this wedding. When mom and dad both cried seeing her in the dress, she knew it was the one for her.

As a thoughtful bride, Jamie asked all of her bridesmaids to pick a Burgundy dress that they could wear again.

The day started with cheers from the groom to his best man with only the finest Scotch, Lagavulin, the preferred scotch of Ron Swanson form Parks and Rec. Seriously, how fun is this couple! Each groomsmen was gifted a flask with their names engraved on it.


Gregory went on to explain, quite seriously, that he’s bring back the 20’s in 2020. I really hope he does because it was the best decade (at least my favorite decade). To start bringing back the 20’s he and all of his groomsmen wore suspenders and knit ties. Josh would have been proud – for years his only tie was a dark blue knit tie. I think his heart broke a little when he had to wear a real tie. I say it’s time to bring this look back, because it’s awesome!

I just need to say that the lobster was even meaningful. The lobster once belonged to Jamie and was passed down to her sweet little nephew who could not put it down the entire day. It was so sweet!

Then we got to the good part… light saber vs. wand. Gregory got his own hand made Harry Potter wand from Oli’s at Comicon and is a huge Harry Potter fan. Jamie has her own light saber and is a huge Star Wars fan. My kind of people. When we met up before their wedding she asked if we could also grab a quick photo of her with her light saber and him with his wand. I immediately said, “Yes!” I needed no further explanation. I love this couple! They even hand sewed quilts as table toppers, Star Wars for her and Harry Potter for him.

Family. Outside. Tacos. These were the three words they used to describe their wedding. Tacos there were! If you have ever had El Sancho you know how yummy those tacos are.

Jamie and Gregory are so far, to this date, the only other couple that has used the Star Wars theme song as their grand entrance song. At our wedding, I let Josh be in charge of all things music, but this song was the only one I really needed to have. It was perfect for Jamie and Gregory too!

Again, I can’t get enough of this couple. We did the traditional cake cutting at our wedding, but we are not cake people. We had a whole table of pie and ice cream for us. Jamie and Gregory went completely without the cake and stuck to only the best in deserts – Marionberry Pie.

When you fall in love from traveling around in your van with your best friend, roommate and love of your life, of course you need to add maps all throughout the outdoorsy centerpieces for your wedding. It’s also a must to take wedding images with that charming little van that you rode in on the way to the spot where he proposed and you said “Yes!”, the van that brought you together and allowed you to escape life and fall in love forever.

Morgan + Ethan

I love this feature in Oregon Bride Magazine!

Morgan and Ethan own a cattle ranch in California where they brand each cow with their seventh-generation family brand. Wanting to have the brand become part of their household, they used it to brand a bench together during their wedding ceremony. The bench is now in the entry of their house on the cattle ranch for everyone to see.

Their wedding was a couple years ago and since this publication I have seen more and more brides branding chairs, tables, frames, you name it during their ceremony. It’s so amazing to be able to inspire other brides simply by sharing in a unique and meaningful part of a couple’s wedding day!

You can see more of their wedding here: https://kelliannejordan.com/2015/01/07/a-cowboy-wedding/

Emily + Levi

Emily and Levi were married two weeks ago at the beautiful Aspen Lakes Lodge in Sisters, Oregon. Emily and Levi are one of the lucky couples that met in high school, fell in love and now they get to live their whole lives together.

Throughout their wedding you can find adorable little touches like the “I Do” “Me Too” on the bride and grooms forks or the hidden “I do” on the bottom of the boots. The blue cowgirl boots where the perfect item for this bride to use as her something blue and they match the cowgirl boots worn by her bridesmaids. Her dress was the perfect combination of lace and chiffon too, topped off with a beautiful beaded belt.

It was a bummer that the smoke from the fire made it so you could not see the mountain range behind them during the ceremony. The smoke did create beautiful soft light for their portraits and first dance though.

I think my favorite thing at this wedding was the yummy cookie treats that served as the thank you gifts for guests. I also loved the big engagement photo from their engagement session they had out for guests to sign. I can’t wait to help them choose a wedding photo to put in the signed mat. We had a great time photographing this pink and green country wedding in Central Oregon. Emily and Levi are awesome and we wish them a lifetime of happiness!


USC Theme

Robyn called with a last minute photography request for their USC themed Tetherow Golf Club Wedding. Knowing that I”m a huge USC fan, since half my family went to school there, she knew I would be a good fit as their wedding photographer. It was so much fun to see how they managed to bring an elegance with just a hint of gold and red to their intimate family wedding. I’m so happy for these two!

Did anyone else see The Bachelor: Where Are They Now show earlier this week? Yes, I do like to watch The Bachelor, despite the fact that my husband always leaves the room when I turn it on. Anyway, I was watching the recap show in preparation for Sean and Catherine’s wedding this weekend. I loved that they showed the others who’ve gotten married and their wedding albums. I always love looking at wedding albums. When the first bachelor couple to get married, Trista and Ryan, opened their album I saw that it was a traditional matted album. Wow! I haven’t seen one of those in years! I started thinking about the evolution of wedding albums and how far we’ve come in just a decade.

I started my journey in the wedding industry in 2005 at a wedding photography and videography studio in Southern California. At that time, digital cameras where better than ever and were taking over the wedding industry. Those oh-so-traditional matted wedding albums were still very popular. Although many were made all in black, some of the albums still had that 1970’s look with the white leather cover and gold trim. I still can’t believe that was the standard for over 30 years.

Eventually, more and more brides began to choose the digitally printed Flush Mount albums with thick pages. They even had the option of leather or cloth as their cover. Back then we would design albums with photos all over the place, like a collage, taking full advantage of the new digital age. Instead of 1 to 2 matted images on each page, they could get 5+ images on the new digitally printed pages. Brides loved those albums, but I have to admit I’m glad we’ve evolved since then.

Now, brides have all sorts of fun wedding albums to choose from. They are no longer stuck with leather or cloth as a cover of their album. They can choose from glass, metal, canvas, photos or pretty much any combo of these to get the look they want.  They even have the option of a Coffee Table Album with soft luster photo pages.

I can’t believe how far we’ve come in such a short time. The wedding albums we make now have simple contemporary designs for a fresh and fun feel that highlight the images on the inside and show off the bride’s unique style on the outside. It is so much fun to be able to sit with a bride and design the perfect album just for her. I love our albums now, but I can’t wait to see what awesome new albums the future will bring.

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