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Family Reunions

Brunwick Family

I love when my fellow Californians come to Bend to visit. I met the Brunwick’s at the home in Bend that they rented. Kitty mentioned that she wanted to use the rock lanscape and avoid the dead and dry overgrowth that Bend is know for. That helped me find the perfect location on the property for their session.

The Brunwick family was truly delightful to get to know. Everyone had fun even though they were tired from a long day on the river. I love being able to capture the big group and little mini sessions of each family. The baby and fur babies were pretty great throughout the session too! They kept everyone smiling!

Brunwick family,

Thank you for letting me capture these memories for you! I had a great time getting to know you and I can’t wait to photograph your family again in the future. I wish you all many blessings this year as you prepare for amazing weddings and lot’s of fun times together!


Berzins Family

I love when I can photograph a family every couple years and watch their little guys grow! How fun is it that they have all boys. Those guys probably have a blast together! Now that there is a new little one in the family, it was the perfect time to update the family images.

I met them at the home they rented in Black Butte Ranch, Oregon. I’m so thankful the big fire near by didn’t shut down the road or cause air pollution. Everything was great! I do love to be able to explore around with the little guys and keep them interested and smiling which was a little hard to do at this location. So instead, we shot super fast which made them happy.

It was a blast updating their photos and feeling like part of their family. I can’t wait to see how big all these kids get in 2 years when I see them again!

Berzins family,

You guys are truly a delight to photograph and I’m so excited to be here to watch your families grow together. I hope these images and the ones to come, tell the story of your family so you can hold tight to these memories forever. Thank you for letting me be part of your story.


Piper Family

I love getting together with large groups like these guys! Epic family reunion sessions are such an amazing way to freeze time (and get some really beautiful and fun photos). I even get little mini sessions of each family within the family reunion session. The Piper family did such an amazing job that we got all these photos on just 45 minutes!

They wanted Central Oregon backdrop, but we couldn’t get down to the river due to other events at Sunriver resort, so we headed into nature for the green backdrop. Even for a dry summer, the plants are stunningly green this year in Sunriver and served as a great setting for their portraits.

Piper family,

Thanks for having fun and trusting me! We captured some great photos of you guys that I know you’ll enjoy for a long time.


Sweyer Family

Sunriver is definitely the place for an unforgettable family reunion like this one! The Sweyer family came in from all over to hang out as a family and enjoy the awesomeness that is Central Oregon. I love this scenic river backdrop they chose for their family portraits. Don’t you want to dive into the river? Sunriver, Oregon is so beautiful! I especially love the family reunion t-shirts they all wore.

Sweyer family,

I hope you had the time of your lives together adventuring in Sunriver! These portraits capture your crew perfectly and I hope you enjoy them for years to come.


Ivers Family

Beth’s parents just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary!! So huge!! I seriously feel super blessed to be able to capture these perfect moments in life for others. 50 years is amazing. We had to capture the happy couple with their family! Shelvin Park in Bend, Oregon was the perfect green summer backdrop. The Aspens were in full bloom and so pretty!

One thing I love about family reunion sessions is that we have plenty of time to get group photos, couples photos and individual family photos. For this session, Beth brought along her two fur babies which I loved photographing! It’s so fun to have them in the session too! I also got a ton of her sweet niece who has just been added to the family.

What was really fun was that Beth’s mom was a photographer awhile back. I asked her how I was doing and she said I was doing great, impressed with how I move through each image and keep the session fun. All in all, it was a perfect day and a great shoot!

Beth and Family,

Thank you for letting me capture these memories of you all together! It’s a special time to celebrate and I’m grateful you chose me to be there for it. I know you’ll cherish these images!


Bear Family

This is the only time the whole family has been together. When that happens, you have to get photos!! I met the Bear family in the backyard of their summer Bend, Oregon home to capture the group, couple’s photos and photos of the two sisters. I just hope my sister and I are still this close when we are their age.

I love the canal in the background and all the pups running around our feet. The chaos was perfect. We even manage to get a group photo with all the people and dog!

Bear family,

I hope these photos came out just as you imagined. You guys were a delight to get to know and photograph. Thank you for laughing and having fun with me!


They really love their fur babies!!

We had to get a photo of the bear in the photo at the home of the BEARS!

Werth Family

I met the Werth family down at Drake Park on a hot June summer day. I was a little concerned that everyone in Bend would be in the water floating the river behind us, but I made it work! You can hardly tell that the park was full and everyone in the photos was battling 100 degree weather and wind.

I love how the blue pops of the sand and green grass in these photos. They did such a great job keeping their look consistent, but still allowing each person to have their own style.

This little one is so cute!

This on above is one of my favs. Not only do I love sweet candids like this, but these boys actually asked if I would take a photo of them together by the water. It’s so sweet!!

Having just been married without any professional photos, we definitely made it a priority to capture the love between these two. And of course a ring shot!

Werth Family,

Thank you for allowing me to play at the park with your family to capture these memories for you!

-Kellianne Jordan

Srch-Thaden Family

I had so much fun getting to know this gorgeous family! Not only were they super easy going, but did you see their perfectly coordinating outfits? I am obsessed with Heather’s hats and sweet little Paisley’s dress. So modern and old fashioned at the same time!

Heather and her man are just about to celebrate 20 years of marriage. It’s so exciting!! We took so many photos of the two of them (and their dog) to document this time. They will also use these photos to send to their friends & family in celebration.

Ally and her family are goat farmers, which if you are aware of my weird obsession with goats, then you know I think this is pretty awesome. I’m really hoping to photograph a family session of just their family at the farm with all the sweet baby goats this spring!

Of course we couldn’t leave out mom and dad! I love capturing photos of all the couples as well of just the kiddos. I feel like those photos tell the whole story of the family through the generations.

The only hiccup (besides the freezing temps) was mom’s glasses. It was so darn bright out that her glasses wanted to stay super dark in sunglass mode. But we came up with creative ways to get them to go lighter.

To the Srch-Thaden Family,

Thank you for letting me capture these memories of your family together! I love how magical the day felt with the frozen water and geese. Thank you gus for having such great attitudes. I had so much fun and I hope you enjoy your photos!!

– Kellianne Jordan

Spence Family

My sweet friend Ashley gathered with her family in Government Camp near Mount Hood in Oregon to celebrate her sister’s 40th birthday. It was such a special time! I had so much fun getting to know her family better.

We met at the Summit Ski area and headed to the open field near by with a ski lift and views of Mount hood. I’m so glad there was some shade by the near by trees so they weren’t blinded by the sun. We took a bunch of photos in a short amount of time so they could get back to having fun together as a family.

To the Spence family,

These memories are so much fun! Thank you for being great sports about hiking up a hill to the field. It was totally worth it! I hope these memories bring you joy for many years to come!